Huge Changes are Coming to Overwatch's Mercy

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
Another day, another developer update for Overwatch: Origins Edition. Game developer Jeff Kaplan is back giving us the latest news regarding their popular first-person shooter. This time around, he reveals new hero updates surrounding and major adjustments for Mercy in the form of a video.

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Big changes are coming to the latter character. Fans who utilize her may need to adjust strategies when playing as the high-flying healer. Her ultimate ability Resurrect will now become her secondary ability. No longer will Mercy be able to bring the whole team as Resurrect will only heal one player at a time. Additionally, her new ultimate has been replaced with Valkyrie, which now allows her to fly. It also extends her reach for healing and damage boosts while chaining to hit multiple players. Check out the full developer update and timetable below for answers to specific questions.

00:12 - Big changes are coming for Mercy!
00:38 - Why are we changing Mercy in the first place?
02:28 - Resurrect is now Mercy's second ability (default: E)
03:17 - Introducing Mercy's new ultimate: Valkyrie!
05:35 - We'll be experimenting with how Resurrect and Valkyrie interact on the PTR
06:21 - We're really looking forward to your feedback on these changes
07:00 - Changes are also coming soon to D.Va's Defense Matrix
07:26 - Why are we concerned about Defense Matrix?
08:44 - We're experimenting with different options for D.Va on the PTR
09:26 - Hero balance is always going to be ongoing process
09:58 - We can't wait to hear your feedback about D.Va, too!
Overwatch is available now.

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