Titanfall 2 Will Send Postcards From the Frontier

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
We may be heading towards the end of August but that doesn't mean that Respawn doesn't have plans for this month. In four days time, Titanfall 2 will be getting another free DLC drop: "Postcards From the Frontier". So what do you get?

First there will be a new live fire map: UMA.

Tight corridors guide combat into three arenas flanked by balconies, doorways, and windows. A large central divider provides cover for short range effectiveness, with a long flank that opens opportunities for confident marksmen.
Postcards from the Frontier

There will be a new Hole in the Wall [Amped Wall] execution where players will need to kill 5 Pilots while Amped Wall is active to be able to unlock it. This will be accompanied by two new featured modes: Aegis Titan Brawl and Aegis Last Titan Standing. These modes will have the same rules as their normal counterparts, but instead players will be using their Aegis upgraded Titans from Frontier Defense. Aegis Titan Brawl will be the mode available at the launch of the DLC. Speaking of Frontier Defense, there are three more maps for the mode too: Exoplanet, Drydock and Angel City.

There are new elite weapon warpaints to purchase from the store that each comes with a Squad Leader Bonus. You'll have a 10% chance per skin (up to a maximum of 30%) to win a Double XP token at the end of match and you and your team mates will gain one extra merit per match. The skins cost US$4.99 each, although a bundle will be available to purchase all eight skins for US$24.99 until September 26th.

You can see all of the above content in action in the trailer below:

Finally, there will be new callsign banners designed by the community. You can check them out here.

"Postcards From the Frontier" will be available on August 29th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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