Marvel Heroes Omega Patch 1.04 Includes A New Event and New Character

By Ashley Woodcock, 9 months ago
The bank holiday weekend couldn't have come at a better time for players of Gazillion Entertainment's Marvel Heroes Omega. There's plenty to sink your time into over the weekend (and beyond) as the team has released details on the game's latest patch (that will include a new event), Elektra as the game's latest playable hero, screens for the most recent character, and also details on the game's upcoming Omega Prestige system.

The new Defenders Event has already kicked off but just in case you haven't checked it out already, the event will see players facing off against members of The Hand. Successful attempts will be rewarded with a variety of limited-time rewards. Details on what these rewards are exactly have not been specified.

Elektra joins the ever-expanding roster as the game's latest hero, making her the 41st hero to join the selection of playable characters. To celebrate the milestone, Gazillion has introduced the new Hell's Kitchen Loot Box that contains new console costumes for Elektra, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher.

The Omega Prestige system, which will be "starting soon", allows players to unlock Omega Prestige status for some of the heroes. At the minute, Spider-Man will be the one and only hero to be eligible for prestiging with more heroes becoming available in future updates. Once you manage to reach the level to prestige, you will then unlock "some of the most powerful and visually stunning benefits" currently on offer in the game.

Take a look at the dangerous Elektra in these new screens as she dons a couple of different outfits:

See Elektra in action as she joins the fight in the following trailer:

Patch 1.04 is jam packed with changes including new missions, new items, hero changes, item changes, and plenty more:


Calling all heroes and Defenders! Talk to Misty Knight in the Avengers Tower to learn more about the Orders from The Hand. Once you’ve spoken to Misty Knight, you can download your Defenders Participation Ticket from the Xbox Marketplace and join the fight in pushing the Hand out of New York!


A Defender's Task at Hand (Account Mission)
  • Misty Knight is looking for some heroes for hire to deal with a sudden rise in criminal activity with The Hand. Talk to her in Avengers Tower for your first assignment.
  • Reward - 50 Orders from The Hand
Daily Missions
  • Event: Daily Defenders - Each day a new mission will be available to help fight back against the Hand invasion of New York!
  • Reward: Hell’s Kitchen Loot Box



These new Artifacts can be purchased with Orders from the Hand at the Event Terminal in Avenger's Tower:
  • Kirigi's Tetsubishi - An Artifact known to enhance Poison effects among other things.
  • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand
  • Elektra’s Bandana - A Powerful item that summons Elektra by your side.
  • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand
  • Bullseye’s Deck of Cards - Practicing with these Bladed Cards is known to improve your skills at Throwing.
  • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand.
Elektra and Bullseye are in possession of Cosmically Enhanced items as well.

Rumor is… Elektra’s also in possession of another special piece of gear.

Other Items:
  • Defenders Modification - Defend the streets with a little extra Hand-to-Hand help.
  • Cost: 50 Orders from the Hand
  • Kingpin’s Ring of Power - A Unique Ring with enough punch to really give you an edge in fisticuffs.
  • Cost: 90 Orders from the Hand
  • Kingpin’s Ring of Stature - A Unique Ring capable of influencing those around you.
  • Cost: 90 Orders from the Hand


Our new Hell’s Kitchen Loot Box contains a host of new costumes for those heroes who patrol the streets of Hell’s Kitchen:
  • Luke Cage - Marvel's Luke Cage
  • Luke Cage - Marvel's Luke Cage (Hood Up Variant)
  • Iron Fist - Marvel's Iron Fist
  • Daredevil - Marvel's Daredevil
  • Daredevil - Man Without Fear (Battle Damaged Variant)
  • Daredevil - Marvel's Daredevil (Maskless Variant)
  • Punisher - Marvel's Daredevil
  • Elektra - Marvel's Daredevil Elektra
  • Elektra - Marvel's Daredevil Elektra (Variant)
These costumes will also be available to unlock in exchange for Marvelous Essence, which you can now use to acquire costumes directly from the in-game store. Moondragon no longer exchanges costumes for Marvelous Essence (see below in store changes section for more details).


The following heroes that already know their way around the streets will receive a 10% Experience Bonus during this event until September 7th:
  • Daredevil
  • Elektra
  • Iron Fist
  • Luke Cage


Elektra has joined the Hero roster of Marvel Heroes Omega!

From a young age, Elektra Natchios trained in the martial arts well into her adulthood. But when Elektra's father—a Greek Ambassador—was killed in a terrorist abduction gone horribly wrong, she was convinced that the law had failed her. She then traveled afar to Japan to perfect her combat skills; taking matters into her own hands. Taught by both the ancient Chaste order and notorious Hand organization, she would later return home as an infamous assassin at the top of her game.

Being the best of the best, Elektra's clients include a large variety of the world's elite—from S.H.I.E.L.D. to Kingpin. Yet, she continuously crosses paths with her old college flame, Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil. Elektra's adventures have led her far, wide, and back again. But this time the price is right, and she's here to get the job done.

The Elektra Pack will be available exclusively in the Xbox Marketplace for a period of 30 days. After that, Elektra will be available for Gs or Eternity Splinters as a standalone Hero purchase.


With this patch, we have now enabled the ability to purchase costumes using Marvelous Essence directly from the in-game store!

When you access the Costumes section of the in-game store, you will now see your total available Marvelous Essence in the top right corner of the screen. Any costumes that are currently available for purchase with Marvelous Essence can also be unlocked directly from this menu instead of purchasing the respective costume box from Moondragon.

Moondragon will no longer offer these costumes in exchange for Marvelous Essence, but will still offer some other Marvelous Loot Box rewards, such as boosts or flourishes.



  • Angela’s Hunter's Blades power now has the Axe tag.
  • Minor power tooltip typo fixes.


  • The burning damage over time for Ant-Man's Tanker Throw power now applies when the truck hits, not before.
  • Fixed an issue where you could remain in Stealth from Specialized Super Suit if you turned off the talent while still in Stealth.
  • Minor power tooltip typo fixes.


  • Fixed an issue with Beast's Summon powers referring to 'Teamwork Synergy' powers in their tooltips rather than "Summon powers".
  • Fixed an issue with Beast's Summon powers gaining damage bonuses off of each other not working properly.


  • Black Cat can no longer use Assassinate while moving. It stops movement as designed.
  • Fixed an issue where Cat Nap would sometimes only strike once if used immediately when it came off cooldown.


  • Black Panther’s Vibranium Trap power now has the Gadget tag.


  • Moved Blade's Any Means Necessary power to level 2 to bring him in line with other heroes who have 3 starting powers unlocked.
  • Minor power tooltip typo fixes.


  • Captain America talent Combat Surge now highlights Vibranium Bash on the talents screen when you're making your talent selections.
  • Fixed an issue where some Cooldown Powers were consuming 10 Serum instead of 5.


  • Captain Marvel's Stellar Beam has been changed from a skillshot to an instant beam, and has new visuals to match.
  • Roundhouse Kick, Infused Uppercut, and Photonic Wave will now stop you when activated.


  • True Comrade also adds tooltips to their respective summon powers.
  • Solitary Pillar disables summon-related tooltips from affected powers.
  • Seismic Stomp adds the Critical & Brutal Strike Chance to Demolition Stomp.
  • Osmium Courage adds all buff effects to Heroic Challenge's tooltip.
  • Updated Colossus's Emblem armor icon.


  • Cyclops’ Eye in the Sky power will now effectively hit targets while active. Previously it was only hitting on start and end of power.
  • Fixed an issue with Cyclops' Cutting Beam talent not highlighting Explosive Blast in the powers selection panel.
  • Focused Beam will now properly halt Spirit Regeneration while channeling.


  • Fixed an issue where the explosion VFX wouldn't always appear when activating Deapool's Lil’ Deadpool power.


  • When Doctor Strange has the Astral Invocation talent active your Astral Clones will now cause Seven Suns of Cinnubus to consume 50% more Mana as originally designed.
  • Doctor Strange can no longer enter a Headquarters with maxed secondary resources and get stuck in a 0s cooldown state. Cooldowns will reactivate.
  • Seal of the Vishanti will now trigger a .5 second cooldown if you have Mystic Energy active while Seal of Ostur is selected. This fixes an issue where Seal of the Vishanti would not gain charges while those were in effect.


  • Added a Terrify Duration tooltip to Trick Card.
  • Edited Dead Man's Hand tooltip for clarity.
  • Ace of Spades will now show a channel bar.


  • Hawkeye's Flash bomb power no longer says it clears negative status effects. Was errant text.


  • Iron First talent Solid Stances tooltip now reflects its actual functionality. Increases all Stance Opener bonus power damage and buffs by 100%.


  • Coolant Blast's Heat purging effect will now only apply if you are Overheated.


  • Psychic Lethargy now slows enemies by 30% by default and 60% with Telepathic Dominance active, instead of the reverse.


  • Updated Luke Cage's Improvised Wrecking Ball icon.
  • You can no longer move while using K.O.
  • Fixed an issue where Harlem Street Kick would let you slide while the power was active.


  • Fixed an issue where Soul Brand would not always trigger properly with Branded Mind active.


  • Moved Moon Knight's Statue of Khonshu power to level 2 to bring him in line with other heroes who have 3 starting powers unlocked.


  • Fixed an issue where Nightcrawler's Inventory Armor icons were incorrect.
  • Nightcrawler's Ultimate power icon now has the correct HD icon, instead of a placeholder.


  • Gravimetric Surge buff effect will now show up on the sidebar


  • Fixes an issue where Assassinate would not reset the cooldown of Katana Typhoon when Psi-Katana was active.
  • Changed default button positions of Psi-Strike and Falling Lotus Strike for Psylocke's starting powers.


  • Punisher, when using the Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher talent, will now use a multi-barreled rocket launcher, kneel, and have a significantly faster animation time in order to launch all rockets in the launcher more quickly.


  • Ammo will now also regenerate while out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Raccoon's Ultimate's missile attacks having a much larger hit radius than the visuals would indicate.


  • Minor power tooltip typo fixes.


  • Pillar of Justice should no longer be interruptible.


  • Squirrel Girl Offensive and Defensive traits are no longer share the same name.


  • Star-Lord's Elemental Ammo Loaders will now change the power tags of his Elemental Gun ammo spenders. This is a visual only change that occurs in the powers HUD - the powers already operate as if they had the tag.
  • Moved Star-Lord's Air power to level 8 (previously at level 6) to prevent two powers unlocking at level 6.
  • Fixed an issue where Star-Lord's Hero Synergy wasn't being applied properly.


  • Moved Thor's Hammer Smash power to level 8 (previously at level 6) to prevent two powers unlocking at level 6.
  • Fixed an issue with Thor's Odin's Favor talent not highlighting the right powers in the powers selection panel.


  • Furious Assault should now properly boost Tornado Claw with Building Momentum active.
  • Adjusted Swift Claws tooltip to explain the Critical Hit Chance effect is a buff, not part of the power.


  • Increased drop rates for rare boss items in all regions of the game.
  • Super Hero Showdown rooms have new and improved loot!
  • Starktech Recipes have been relocated to the Scientist Research Boxes.
  • The recipes for Starktech Research Credits have been removed.
  • Starktech Research Credits can no longer be acquired.
  • Existing Starktech Research Credits are now Expired Starktech Research Credits and can be sold to Vendors for credits.
  • Starktech Recipes no longer use Starktech Credits to craft. These now use standard crafting materials.
  • The Cosmic Spirit Adaptability Catalyst bonus affix now properly works from all damage types.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Sinister Six Medallion attribute bonus from triggering correctly when both Signature and Ultimate effects are active simultaneously.
  • Fixed issue where Danger Room End Chests were not properly dropping the Cosmic versions of the Danger Room exclusive artifacts.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with Madame Hydra's Medallion.


Some enemy and boss models have been updated with this patch with new appearances and animations:
  • Blob & Toad
  • Various agents of Hydra


  • Boosts are now paused while in the Trial regions.
  • Elektra and Gorgon now count towards objectives that require defeating members of The Hand.
  • There is now a tutorial for the Powers panel that shows the first time you open it. The first time you reach level 2 on a Hero for the first time a new tutorial will play to open the Powers panel and learn how to assign a power to an open slot.
  • The Traits section has been updated with a new layout.
  • The in-game Store now supports showing a countdown timer to display how much time is remaining for a particular sale item.
  • Headquarters regions no longer display a difficulty setting in the Waypoint menu, as these settings are not relevant for Headquarters.
  • Improved highlighting for player names when using the Nearby tab of the Social Panel.
  • Implemented progressive Trophy unlocking to fix an issue where some players could not unlock the "Back to Basics" and "Back Again" Trophies.
  • Free Marvelous Loot Boxes acquired via leveling Heroes should now all correctly have a level 1 requirement to open.
  • Time Flux Infinity Gem Mastery bonus now properly states that it only affects Dash Powers.
  • Players will no longer see waypoint notifications when they begin Times Square tutorial.
  • Updated the enemies in the Abandoned Subway Operation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Loot Roll Failed” message to appear when trying to open an Ultimate Upgrade token for Wolverine. Players should now be able to acquire Ultimate Upgrade tokens for Wolverine as intended.
  • Fixed issue with the Experience Boost referencing the wrong boost in its tooltip description.
  • Fixed grammatical issue in the Combination Boost’s tooltip description.
  • Fixed a display issue for total number of available Heroes and Costumes in the Store and Roster panels.
  • Fixed a display issue which would sometimes cause the Boosts on your HUD to appear incorrectly after forming a party and teleporting to a member in a different region.
  • Fixed a display issue where talents weren't properly highlighting powers sometimes.
  • Fixed a display issue where boosts would stay on the HUD while the social menu was active.
  • Fixed an issue where there were not always enough bosses in the Dimensions Collide Operation to be able to complete the mission.
  • Fixed an issue where Kingpin's Warehouse Operation was spawning too many Champion enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where if two of the same costume were received from the same Marvelous Loot Box, the second costume did not award Marvelous Essence.
  • Fixed an issue where activating a travel power before moving the analog stick would not allow you to steer your hero's movement correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Infinity Infusion nodes would not provide accurate bonuses when used.
  • Fixed an issue where the S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Room was using the difficulty setting, which could prevent the player from switching to some heroes that did not have access to higher difficulties while in the Training Room.
  • Fixed several Hero Synergies not properly displaying in the filter list.
  • Changed Prestige confirmation text to accurately reflect that it actually takes 20% more experience per rank, rather than 25% more experience per rank.
  • Updated some misinformation in the Prestige tutorial tip.
  • Updated the icon for Beast in Norway (Story).
  • Slight adjustments made to some loading screen tips.
  • Added a sound effect that plays when an Eternity Splinter is picked up.
  • Disabled the Legendary Mission: Hidden Treasures.
Patch 1.04 for Marvel Omega Heroes is already live.
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