Weekend Announcements August 25th-27th Pt. 1: Attack on Titan 2 and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Between Gamescom and a couple of week's absence, we've accumulated a lot of titles that have been announced but that you might have missed — so many, in fact, that we've had to split the article into two parts. Part one includes the first 12 of those titles. Here they are:

A Knight's Quest

Publisher Curve Digital brought a trio of new titles to Gamescom, the first of which is A Knight's Quest from Sky9 Games. This "third person action adventure" is a homage to classic 3D adventure games. Players assume the role of Rusty, who must save the world after he accidentally released an evil spirit through breaking a magic vase. The huge game world is filled with dungeons to explore, side quests to complete and secrets that must be discovered. Defeat enemies through a combination of combat and solving puzzles using elemental powers and the "world bending powers" of the Spirit Shield. The title will be released on Xbox One in 2018.

Airport Fire Department - The Simulation

Developer UIG Entertainment has a few simulation titles on their way to console, mostly focusing on the dousing of flames. The first tasks players with saving the lives of thousands of commuters at an airport where there's a lot of highly flammable kerosene. Not only will you and your elite airport fire department team have to extinguish massive fires, even routine tasks like defuelling planes can be dangerous and turn into a massive incident. Drive all kinds of fire-fighting vehicles, including the mounted fire monitors, but be prepared to use even the most basic of equipment, like a fire extinguisher, for smaller fires. The game will be releasing on Xbox One this year.

Arrow Heads

One of the sports that is sorely under-represented in games is archery. Developer OddBird looks to solve this with their upcoming multiplayer archery arena fighter. Between two and four players can compete against bow and arrow wielding birds as you aim to kill each other rather than hit a round target. Alternatively you can team up and take on waves of enemies with the help of an unlimited supply of arrows. Additional projectiles include guitars, fish and unicorns. Take on your friends when the game arrives on Xbox One early next year.

Attack on Titan 2

Details are thin on the ground, but publisher KOEI TECMO has confirmed that Omega Force is developing a sequel to last year's Attack on Titan (or A.O.T. Wings of Freedom depending on your region). Players will once again yield the Omni-Directional Manoeuver Gear in a fight against the Titans that are threatening the human population. The game will include new gameplay mechanics, although more details on these were promised "in the coming weeks". However, thanks to enquiries by Dualshockers, the game has been confirmed for Xbox One with enhancements for Xbox One X when the title is released early next year.

Bomber Crew

The second of Curve Digital's incoming titles is strategy simulation where players manage a bomber plan and its crew. Battle to destroy your enemy's most prized assets deep behind enemy lines but be careful of their flak guns, enemy radar, ace pilots and dangerous weather conditions. You'll need to recruit a crew, train them, provide guidance and keep them alive if you're to even stand a chance of being successful. Developer Runner Duck Games' title is due to be released on Steam in October. It will be coming to Xbox One at a later date.

Bounty Battle

Dark Screen Games' side-scrolling fighting game pits over 20 characters from renowned indie titles and 10 new fighters against each other. Characters from titles like Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts and Guacamelee will each have their own unique playstyles and combat abilities. Not only will players have to monitor their life gauge, they'll also have a bounty gauge that allows players to perform bounty actions. Up to four players can compete against each other in local co-op and there will also be a story mode, arcade mode and challenge modes with online rankings. The title will be released on Xbox One late next year.

Champions of Odin

Hybris Studios' first-person action RPG aims to combine elements of FPS games with elements of RPGs. Inspired by Norse mythology, players assume the role of Gymir, a magical frost giant who makes a deal with the god of all gods, Odin, in the midst of war in Ragnarok. If Gymir performs important favours for each of Odin's godly champions, Odin will revive Gymir's fallen love Freya. Will you be able to help the Champions of Odin when the game is released on Xbox One through ID@Xbox early next year?

Children of Morta

When Dead Mage successfully funded their story driven hack 'n' slash game on Kickstarter in February 2015, they narrowly missed the Xbox One stretch goal by just $1,062. However, the developer has just partnered with publisher 11 bit studios to help them to publish on their previously announced platforms, as well as enabling them to come to Xbox One too. Players assume the roles of the various members of the Bergson family, who have guarded the mystical Mount Morta for generations. However, corruption has spread and the mountain is now a "monster infested nightmare". It is their task to return the mountain to the peaceful environment it once was. Both online and local co-op will be available when the game launches early next year.

Danger Zone

Released three months ago for Playstation 4 and PC, Three Fields Entertainment's vehicular destruction game has finally been revealed for Xbox One too. Players assume the role of a Crash Test driver at the Danger Zone, a virtual Crash Testing Facility. Your task is to survive a variety of spectacular scenarios with bonuses if you manage to grab all of the bonus pickups. The more explosions you cause, the bigger your score and the larger the cash payout will be. Play with rush hour traffic and cause trucks to shed their loads. The Xbox One edition will come with 12 new levels and three new cars when it is released this autumn.


Aist's adventure in an alternative post cold war USSR puts players in the role of Eugene. In a cyberpunk city full of "tech-noir intrigue and neo-digital deceptions", he must use every tool he can find to prove his innocence after he was framed for murder and is being hounded by the Soviet Russian state. The game describes itself as "a quirky and unique mix of clashing gameplay genres" and you'll get to try them for yourself when the game hits Xbox One on September 15th.

Feral Fury

Skandivania Games' upcoming twin stick shooter pits panda marines against hellhogs. Long after the oil wars declared the human race as extinct, the great panda empire has become the new dominant power. They aim to expand throughout the world, turning entire planets into bamboo plantations, but not everyone is happy with this development. The procedurally generated stages will be the scene of a bloody conflict as a new war begins. The title will be appearing on Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program on August 30th.

Immortal: Unchained

Toadman Interactive aims to blend third-person action shooter with a hardcore RPG when their title comes to Xbox One in 2018. The unnamed protagonist is unchained and released by the warden with a warning that time is running out for the world. You don't know who you are or what you do, but apparently your skills are now needed to save the world. You'll need to explore and talk to other characters to figure things out, but when those characters have their own agendas, the truth won't be easy to find. The game's arsenal supports ranged and melee combat as you also encounter enemies and gigantic bosses, but sometimes just slowing down an enemy or disarming them might be better than killing them.

Stay tuned for part two!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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