New Content Trailer For GTA: Online Released

By Dave Bricker, 10 months ago
Rockstar delivered some new content information and a trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Titled “Smuggler’s Run,” the content features Nervous Ron who is on edge and looking for someone to help take over his smuggling empire due to recent events.

GTA Online Smuggler’s Run

“Smuggler’s Run” introduces new smuggling opportunities by opening up air corridors over Los Santos and Blaine Counties through the use of a multitude of aircraft, helicopters, and ultralights (microlights for our European friends) to smuggle criminal contraband. This can also open new ways to eliminate gang competition.

”Smuggler's Run” delivers a massive range of new, customizable aircraft perfect for any mission along with expansive new aircraft hangars in which to stash your fleet of fantastic flying machines. These new properties are also the HQ from which you manage your smuggling business – guided by Nervous Ron and assisted by Charlie, your new mechanic, who’ll take care of your collection of exotic aircraft.
GTA Online Smuggler’s Run

“Smuggler’s Run” will be available on August 29th.
Dave Bricker
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