Black Manta Beams His Way into Injustice 2

By Will Cruz, 9 months ago
Last week, NetherRealm Studios revealed the upcoming DLC fighters coming to Injustice 2. Overall, fans of the series had mostly positive reactions to say the least. Nonetheless, the trio is set in stone and a new gameplay trailer has surfaced. This time around we see supervillain “Black Manta” take center stage.

Injustice 2

In case it wasn’t obvious, Black Manta is the archenemy of Aquaman. In the trailer, there’s a bit between the two regarding Manta’s father. Seeing that initially Manta kidnapped his son, it’s clear that there’s nothing but bad blood among the two, but you didn’t come here for the origin story, right? Check out Black Manta’s move-set and finisher below.

The "Black Manta" DLC is set to release in September. Injustice 2 is available now.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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