Full List of Details for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game's Latest Patch

By Jake Hermance, 9 months ago
The main focus of the Gold Immunity Update for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is to make gold cards more interactive and introduce friend matches on consoles. The update also adds 30 new cards, social features, and numerous gameplay changes.

The following cards will have increased milling value for 3 days following the release of the patch (more on this below):

  • Abaya
  • Aretuza Adept
  • Bekker's Twisted Mirror
  • Blue Stripes Scout
  • Cantarella
  • Caranthir
  • Celaeno Harpy
  • Clan An Craite Raider
  • Dandelion
  • Elven Mercenary
  • Frightener
  • Full Moon Potion (prev. Immunity Boost)
  • Ge'els
  • Kaedweni Sergeant
  • Kambi
  • Letho of Gulet
  • Madman Lugos
  • Reaver Hunter
  • Reinforcements
  • Skellige Storm
  • Wild Hunt Hound
The cards on the list, when milled, will create an amount of scraps and meteorite powder equal to the amount of scraps and meteorite powder needed to craft a card of the same value.

Full list of changes:

  • New Social Features implemented!
  • Player Profile implemented!
  • In-game News panel added!
  • Starter Packs added!
  • Pro Ladder functionality implemented! (Starts September 1st)


  • New card added: Poor Flanking Infantry
  • New card added: Ban Ard Tutor
  • New card added: Battering Ram
  • New card added: Temerian Drummer
  • New card added: Witch Hunter
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • New card added: Cockatrice
  • New card added: Cyclops
  • New card added: Archespore
  • New card added: Wild Hunt Longship
  • New card added: Rotfiend
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • New card added: Farseer
  • New card added: Mahakam Marauders
  • New card added: Sage
  • New card added: Mahakam Pyrotechnician
  • New card added: Dwarven Agitator
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • New card added: Magne Division
  • New card added: Assassin
  • New card added: Infiltrator
  • New card added: Alba Armored Cavalry
  • New card added: Nilfgaardian Standard Bearer
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • New card added: Drummond Warmonger
  • New card added: An Craite Greatswords
  • New card added: Clan Tuirseach Veteran
  • New card added: Whale Harpooner
  • New card added: Herbalist
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • Gold cards no longer by default immune to Damage and card abilities, allowing for more interaction.
  • New card added: Lambert
  • New card added: Eskel
  • New card added: Vesemir
  • New card added: Artefact Compression
  • New card added: Dorregaray
  • Old Lambert, Eskel and Vesemir cards now have "School of Wolf:" preceding their names.
  • Old Lambert, Eskel and Vesemir cards now have new art.


  • Player cards now highlighted in blue and opponent cards in red in Mulligan/card selection screens.
  • Ambush, Doomed, Regressing and Stubborn tags moved to card descriptions.
  • General tag overhaul - card tags have been reworked.
  • Units with Resilience now have their Boosted Power reset when carried over to next round.
  • Cards triggering upon Reveal now only trigger when Revealed by the owner.
  • All Trio abilities removed from the game.
  • Removed Leader tokens from Leader card preview.
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements


  • Fixed issue whereby multiple consecutive Mulligans would cause an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed issue whereby opponent's mulligan pop-up would remain on screen.
  • Fixed issue whereby "Mill spare cards" option would display 0 cards to mill, though there were still spare cards remaining.
  • Ranking points should now always refresh properly.
  • Fixed issue causing Out of Sync errors.
  • Possible fix for issue causing game to be stuck after Round 2 ends in a tie.
  • Fixed issue whereby improper values would be displayed for Unit Power.
  • Fixed issue whereby Weather effects would not display on the Board.
  • Fixed issue whereby cards would overlap after being moved between rows.
  • Experience points and rewards should now be displayed properly after matches.
  • Levels should now be displayed properly after matches.
  • Numerous tooltip fixes and changes, including those to indicate new interactions with Gold cards.
  • Fixed issue causing freezes after the end of a match.
  • Fixed issue whereby Skellige back of card graphic was missing in Deck Builder.
  • Fixed issue whereby some users weren't able to join the season on X1.
  • Fixed issue whereby cards would appear with ##_NAME instead of normal names.
The update is officially live now.
Jake Hermance
Written by Jake Hermance
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