Super Meat Boy Forever Announced by Team Meat

By Kelly Packard,
A young slab of meat on a quest to save his bandage-clad girlfriend from an evil baby claiming to be a doctor — it's a tale the video game world never knew they'd be captivated by. With its punishing platformer difficulty and strength at evoking that "just one more go" response from players, Super Meat Boy ended up being a smash hit. After years of teasing on social media, Team Meat has now officially announced the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever.

A trailer shows Dr. Fetus capturing Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's infant, Nugget. It's a baby kidnapping another baby and it cannot be allowed to happen. Screenshots show players taking control of both Meat Boy and Bandage Girl on their quest to save the child from Dr. Fetus' clutches.

The gameplay is described as substantially different albeit still "super challenging but fair." Interestingly enough, according to Forever's official website, the controls are only two buttons with running being done automatically. The developer goes into further detail on the controls in a FAQ:

And, the biggest difference, the controls are now two buttons, you have a jump, a jump attack, a dive, and a slide.

Two Buttons? That Sounds Dumb!

Here’s the thing: shut up. Two buttons doesn’t mean less control, it means we designed levels to use two buttons. You can get a surprising amount of movement and precision by designing levels that complement your controls. Super Meat Boy felt great because there was a marriage of level design and controls, Super Meat Boy Forever is no different.

The levels are also "dynamically constructed." Team Meat opted not to use the term "procedurally generated" because they're not true random and "their creation is heavily based on criteria we’ve designed and tested." Team Meat goes into further detail by saying, "We’ve worked on a system that allows us to give a criteria of difficulty and pacing that makes the levels randomly, but still within the confines of what we want the levels to be presented as."

Also of note for fans of the first game is that Edmund McMillen, who was one of the original members of the Super Meat Boy team along with Tommy Refenes, is not involved with the production of Forever, noting on Twitter that "Tommy and I are working independently." McMillen released the well-reviewed The End is Nigh on PC in July.

Super Meat Boy Forever is expected to launch for Xbox One "before summer of 2018."
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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