Bungie Educates Newcomers on Destiny 2

By Will Cruz, 9 months ago
In case you didn’t know, Bungie is here to educate the masses on Destiny 2. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer who didn’t quite understand the original or you have no prior experience with the series, Bungie has got you covered with their latest trailer. Put on your learning caps folks, because this trailer will give a quick overview of the upcoming title.

artistic assets

With Destiny’s release rapidly approaching, it’s only fair to get everyone caught up. This action shooter aims to please fans by claiming an epic story allowing the players to choose how they play. Whether it’s tackling gameplay as a lone wolf or with friends, worlds are waiting to be explored. After completing the story, players can tackle the crucible putting all their skills to the test. Check out the clever explanation trailer below.

Destiny 2 launches for Xbox One on September 6th.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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