The Jackbox Party Pack 4's Mini Games Fully Revealed

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
Jackbox Games has been bringing us wacky and wild party games since the 1990s and 2017 is no time to stop. Earlier this year, we were introduced to the next installment, The Jackbox Party Pack 4. Over the past several months, Jackbox has been steadily revealing each of the five individual mini games on their blog. We now have the full array of all five games.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4

We've known since the beginning that Fibbage 3 would be included in this Party Pack. Like its predecessors, Fibbage 3 will continue to test how good you are at lying to your friends. It can be played with anywhere from 2-8 players.

Fibbage 3 also includes a new mode, Fibbage: Enough About You. It's where the questions are targeted at you and your friends. The developers gave the example of, "A movie WARREN knows is terrible, but still secretly loves is ______." Warren's friends most likely know his real answer, so he'll have to lie to try and throw them off course. However, they may know him well enough to see through his lies nonetheless. The Jackbox team streamed the new version in action if you want to see the new mode:

Next up is Survive the Internet. It's always fun to take things your friends said out of context and apply them to other scenarios. In this case, your friends will make comments about given topics, then you'll get to think of your own article name to which they might have replied their comment. Screenshots and a video should give you the gist of how this 3-8 player mini game works:

Survive the Internet

The third game is Monster Seeking Monster. It's a "dating-themed party game where players send each other secret messages trying to set up dates, and then find out who dated who… and who betrayed who." Oh and also, instead of humans, you're all monsters with special powers. Hopefully, the other candidates find your thirst for blood sexy, or they don't mind that you only go on dates during the full moon. This one is 3-7 players, so it looks like there may be an odd monster out without a date.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4

Next up is Civic Doodle. You know that really silly mural you have in the downtown area of your hometown? The one with historical importance and artistic value? Yeah, that's lame. In this 3-8 player mode, Civic Doodle lets you revise town murals to something a bit more fitting and entertaining:

The good people of Doodle Valley have enlisted you and your fellow players to beautify the town with ridiculous murals. Two players draw at once, adding whatever they choose to a simple starter drawing. Other players can react with onscreen emoji in real time as the drawings are being drawn. When time’s up, everyone votes on which drawing is the best, and the winner becomes the new “base drawing” that the next two players make additions to. After everyone’s drawn twice, you get to see your finished masterpiece displayed in a place of honor in the town.

Lastly, there is a 3-16 player mode entitled Bracketeering, described as "a game of strong opinions on stupid things." Prepare to argue to the death "the most impressive place to magically make someone's card appear during a magic trick" and other things worth fighting for. It's simple enough — convince everyone else your answer is the best. There are other mini games to play during the game, such as voting on who is likely to win future matchups and more.

You probably noticed, but there is no new edition of You Don't Know Jack, so hopefully the new modes are enough to keep players entertained. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 has no release date as of this writing.
Kelly Packard
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