Authors of Pain and Finn Bálor Official WWE 2K18 Entrances

By Will Cruz, 17 days ago
2K Games has been relentless releasing new trailers for their upcoming wrestling title, WWE 2K18. With most (if not) all of the rosters revealed, it only makes sense we get a glimpse of our favorite superstar's in-game entrance. Quick question, what do you get when two superstars weighing a combined 620 pounds bee-line down the ring with the legendary Paul Ellering? You get the Authors of Pain, of course.

WWE 2K18

The Authors of Pain have run rampant in NXT ever since their debut back in 2016. The former NXT champions have reigned supreme until their recent defeat at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Nonetheless, Akam and Rezar are on the rampage with nothing left to lose. Check out their official entrance below.

Perhaps NXT is too juvenile for you? Maybe talent from the main roster is your preference? Don’t you worry, because 2K has also released WWE Superstar Finn Bálor’s official entrance. This entrance better showcases the new lighting and smoke effects. Although it isn’t Finn’s demon persona, check out his regular entrance below.

WWE 2K18 is stereo power bombing onto consoles on October 17th.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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