The Division Update 1.8 Reveals Details In The Latest Intelligence Annex

By Ashley Woodcock, 8 months ago
Just a few days ago, we covered details on the recently revealed title update 1.8 for Tom Clancy's The Division that will include an expansion to the PvE map, new game modes, and more. In the latest Intelligence Annex from Massive Entertainment, more details have been revealed on the PvE side of things with more information on the map expansion, story and side missions.

The Division Update 1.8 screens

West Side Piers can be found to the north of Camp Hudson on the western border of Manhattan. This new area will be roughly the size of two named zones and grants agents access to what was once a previously unexplorable part of the map. Rather than the usual hustle and business of Manhattan, West Side Piers will not be a crowded area as the New York City skyline will be clearly visible alongside the iconic aircraft carrier — the Intrepid.

A new Forward Operations Centre can also be found in West Side Piers — Camp Clinton. The Camp will have everything you need including ammo, recalibration stations, weapon/gear vendors, and plenty more. Massive didn't want to reveal too much, but apparently "Camp Clinton is the place to set up shop in this update."

As we already know, the enemy factions will be working together but for reasons that are yet to be discovered. As a Division agent, you will need to take back the area and uncover what's happened via a series of audio logs. As you can expect, there will be plenty of these to find and recover.

The Division Update 1.8 screens

Instead of just the odd few or small groups of enemies spawning, West Side Piers will utilise a new dynamic AI generator that will offer a different PvE experience. Enemies will spawn unexpectedly in proximity of agents, bringing combat directly to the player. Each experience within the new area will never feel the same.

Massive goes on to detail what's in store in the new area when it comes to Side Missions and Assignments:

With this new procedural spawning in place for enemies, players have the option of participating in two types of activities in West Side Piers. As the first activity, West Side Piers Side Missions will always offer a specific objective for players to complete in the zone. With one mission active in the North as well as the South, these replayable objectives will keep Agents on the move.

The second option, Assignments, are lighter and more passive activities comparable to the current Daily Combat Assignments. These challenges are timed events and can only be completed within a limited window. While only one Assignment can be active at a time, another will automatically be activated and shown on the HUD after the previous event timer closes.
Stay locked onto TrueAchievements for more details to come for Update 1.8 in The Division. The update is scheduled to release this Fall.
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