GAME Now Selling XBLA Games and DLC In Store

By zigs00, 7 years ago
British retailer GAME have announced today that they've signed a new partnership with Microsoft to sell Xbox Live content in store.

Customers will now be able to buy cards in store that contain a redeemable code - just like Microsoft Points or Xbox Live Gold membership cards - used to download standalone XBLA games and DLC for retail games.

These cards will also be available at Gamestation stores, as the chain is owned by The Game Group.

These aren't just branded MSP cards like we've seen in the past either; each card's code will download the specific item, no MSP needed. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any additional charges for buying these cards as opposed to buying through the dashboard - each item available is priced the same as it'd cost you to buy it with MSP.

Forty stores have already started selling standalone XBLA game and DLC codes as part of a six month trial period.

The prices of all currently available cards are listed below:

The Signal for Alan Wake – £4.76
The Writer for Alan Wake – £4.76 – £6.80 – £10.20 – £6.80 – £10.20
Premium Deluge Pack for Crackdown 2 – £4.76
Premium Toy Box Pack for Crackdown 2 – £4.76 World Class Car Pack – £3.40 All Fronts Collection – £6.80
Mythic Map Pack for Halo 3 – £3.40
Mythic II Map Pack for Halo 3 – £6.80
Noble Map Pack Title Update for Halo: Reach – £6.80 – £10.20 – £10.20 – £10.20 – £10.20
Perfect Dark – £6.80 – £10.20 – £10.20 – £6.80 – £10.20 – £6.80 – £6.80
Toy Soldiers – £10.20 – £10.20 – £3.40 – £6.80

Despite the low prices, you can still trade-in games to use against the purchase of DLC, and will earn Reward Card points as standard for any of these purchases.

The concept will no doubt sound familiar to Americans, where places like Amazon and Gamestop sell digital content for the Xbox 360 already.