Goku Joins the Fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Will Cruz, 9 months ago
If you’ve read the headline, you probably groaned on sight. With the Dragon Ball series focusing on Goku (Kakarot), it only makes sense for him to be featured in the upcoming game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Nonetheless, gamers can expect an instant transmission kamehameha this February.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco is clearly aiming to build the hype with fighter introductions. These introduction videos are vaguely similar to Super Smash Brothers, giving players an interesting, small snippet of what they can expect. Fans who know Goku are well aware of just how powerful (and hard-headed) he can be. Check out his official introduction below.

Gamers can brawl in Dragon Ball FighterZ when it arrives in February 2018.

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Will Cruz
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