Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Update Notes

By Lucy Wood, 8 months ago
Premium Pass access to the Battlefield 1 "In the Name of the Tsar" DLC begins today, bringing an update that affects all online players regardless of whether they have enlisted to fight in the Russian Civil War. The first section of the update notes below details the new content available to DLC owners, while the second section covers general changes to online game features.

Players who don't own Battlefield 1 "In the Name of the Tsar" will be able to view DLC matches in Spectator Mode, as well as having opportunities to try the maps for free during Premium Trials or through Premium Friends.

Battlefield 1


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This is a required update for all Battlefield 1 players to play online. The following fixes will apply to all Battlefield 1 players.

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Early access to Battlefield 1 "In the Name of the Tsar" is available from today for Premium Pass and Revolution Bundle owners, and the content will become available for everyone else to purchase on September 19th. The "In the Name of the Tsar" update is a required download for anyone playing Battlefield 1 online.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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