Nightmare Creatures Announced

By Dave Bricker, 9 months ago
At PAX West, a panel of video gamers announced Nightmare Creatures. Albino Games is revisiting the 20-year-old PS1 and N64 classic. You have to race around and stop Crowley from releasing his abominations before he is able to discover the secrets of the elixir.

In 1666, a cult made up of the world’s most influential players created an elixir that would grant them vast unholy powers – but something went terribly wrong, and their experiments yielded only bloodthirsty, mutant horrors. As the cult is decimated from the inside by betrayal and the creatures escape into London, a traveling priest and the daughter of a murdered immunlogist fight their way to the center of the city and defeat the evil once and for all… or so they believe.
Nightmare Creatures

We were also given a new announcement trailer showing some alpha work on the game.

For those who want a nostalgic glimpse at the past, here is the trailer from the original game.

As of now, a release date for Nightmare Creatures is unknown. It has been reported that the game will release on PC and current-gen consoles.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Nightmare Creatures achievements.
Dave Bricker
Written by Dave Bricker
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