Killer Instinct Expands Cross-Play Capabilities

By Roland Chansen, 9 months ago
Cross-play takes another stride forward with Killer Instinct, as Iron Galaxy reveals that players on Xbox and Windows 10 will be able to play cross-network with Steam. This change comes with the 3.9 patch update. Players on Xbox will have the ability to toggle cross-play with Steam like with the Windows 10 version. This option may not always be visible, as Iron Galaxy will be making live changes to improve the cross-play experience, which may temporarily disable the cross-play feature. Changes to cross-play with Steam will have no effect on cross-play between Xbox and Windows 10.

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The 3.9 update that enables cross-play is live on Xbox One and Windows 10. However, players will have to wait until Killer Instinct is released on Steam to test the new cross-play feature.

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Roland Chansen
Written by Roland Chansen
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