WRC 7 Shows Off Bonus Car For Pre-Orders

By Andrew Ogley, 9 months ago
Since the exclusive licensing deal with EA has ended, it seems that Porsche cars are springing up everywhere and becoming a little ubiquitous. That should be good news for all fans of the legendary marque and especially fans looking forward to the upcoming rally title, WRC 7.

WRC 7 - Pre-Order Bonus Porsche

Kylotonn has announced that the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS RGT will be included as a special bonus car for those pre-ordering the new rally game, which is quite significant as it marks the first time that any Porsche has been included in the franchise. However, with the digital download version being available shortly — almost two weeks ahead of the physical copy — those wishing to get hold of the car will have to get their pre-orders in quickly.

To mark the occasion, Klyotonn has released a trailer of in-game action featuring the French driver Romain Dumas' car on the Rally de España tarmac, looking insanely fast.

WRC 7 will be available on the Xbox One as digital download from September 15th, with physical copies hitting stores from September 26th.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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