CODE VEIN Images Highlight Battle System and Character Creation

By Chewie, 9 months ago
BANDAI NAMCO has released a bunch of new screens for their upcoming "Souls-like" (is that a thing?) RPG, CODE VEIN. The screens show off elements of the game's battle systems, character creation and two of the NPC companions who can help the protagonist on their journey to unlock the mysteries of their past.

Gifts are the player's special abilities, powered up by consuming blood, and up to eight can be used in battle to temporarily increase stats. As well as active Gifts, passive ones are available through special weapons and equipment.

Players will be able to use a special Drain action after a successful parry, back or combo attack, which does massive damage to enemies and also increases the number of Ichor points and maximum Ichor stock.

Focus is a stat boosting ability used to help the player get out of sticky situations whilst players can use their companions to help them out with Partner Actions.

The game has a solid character creation mode, allowing players to choose gender, body and hair types, voices and more.

Louis is a young leader helping Revenants suffering from bloodlust. He ventures into the isolated land of VEIN looking for the source of Blood Beads to use as a substitute for human blood. With his one-handed sword, he is a swift attack expert and can elude with the armour type Ogre.

Io is a female Revenant who explores with the protagonists. She has no memory of her past but knows VEIN very well. She will be extremely useful for the player!

CODE VEIN is coming to Xbox One, with Xbox One X enhancements, in 2018.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the CODE VEIN achievements.
Written by Chewie
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