Raiders of the Broken Planet Open Beta Starts September 15th

By Sam Quirke,
Raiders of the Broken Planet, as we've reported before, hopes to bring something a little different to the crowded shooter market. Players will be able to judge their success for themselves very shortly as the game's open beta runs on September 15th and 16th.


During the beta, budding Raiders will be able to experience the tutorial mission "First Round". This mission centres on Harec, the leader of the Raiders, and is the only mission in the game that will be single-player only. After that, the Raiders will be sent on a daring mission to rescue a notorious "unhinged warrior of legend" named Lycus Dion in order to persuade him to join their motley crew. Like the rest of the missions in Raiders of the Broken Planet, players can run through this mission in single- or multiplayer, including a 4-v-1 "Antagonist mode".

The two missions will be available as a "Prologue" to download for free when the game launches. They form part of the first campaign "Alien Myths", which will be priced at €9.99 / $9.99 / £9.99 or your local equivalent.

You may be wondering: who is this Lycus fellow, and what makes him so special? Check out the developer video below to find out more about him. Maybe a little too much; I feel compelled to caution you that there are some pasty naked buttocks on display in this footage. You have been warned.

Raiders of the Broken Planet arrives on Xbox One shortly after the open beta, on September 22nd.

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Sam Quirke
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