Ubisoft Ends Support for Several Xbox 360 Games

By Kelly Packard, 8 months ago
As even Microsoft winds down its support for the aging Xbox 360 console, so do developers and publishers. Ubisoft has announced they will close the online services for a batch of titles in November. These announcements can be tricky when it comes to Ubisoft as far as what will actually be closing down, but it's best to exercise caution nonetheless if you are an achievement hunter.

I Am AliveI Am Alive

The list of games is as follows:

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, "How can a single player game like Rayman 3 have its servers closed?" Here is where it's important to note that Ubisoft has a different perception of "closing online services" than other developers.

Ubisoft titles utilize UPlay, Ubisoft's service that offers rewards for playing Ubisoft games among other services. Often times in the past, Ubisoft has said they are "closing down servers" for games, when in actuality they were just disconnecting them from UPlay; meanwhile, the online multiplayer servers stayed up and running due to peer-to-peer connections hosted by Xbox Live. Other times clan features or leaderboards are shut down while matchmaking remains intact. We had a similar announcement to this one last August. Only one of the games in question, Might and Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten Wars, had online achievements affected by the "closures." Other times, large amounts of achievements have been affected, as with James Cameron's Avatar, which now has eight discontinued achievements.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for EarthMarvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

What we're getting at is this — it's never clear exactly what will be affected, if anything at all. If you have any of the above games, it'd be wise to direct your attention to any achievements that require online services before the shutdown date, which is November 11th. In order to see which achievements require an online connection, head over to the achievement list for the game in question, hit the blue "View" button and filter by "Online Game Mode."
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