Major Agents of Mayhem Update Released

By Alex Jones,
Agents of Mayhem, Volition and Deep Silver's spiritual successor to their Saints Row franchise, was recently released to what was a generally mixed to positive reception. However, a major update has been announced that should go someway to further improving the overall experience, with an extensive list of bug fixes and audio improvements. The full list of changes for the Xbox One version are listed below:

Agents of Mayhem Hollywood

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc)
  • Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates
  • Fixed infinite load that could occur if player warps to ARK using Hub Menu while driving at high speeds during an Agent Personal mission
  • Fixed crash that could occur after restarting from checkpoint when all agents were downed in combat
  • Fixed soft crash that could lock out player controls when restarting from checkpoint immediately before a video playback
  • Fixed rare inability to load more than one mission in mission replay
  • Fixed possible crash when teleporting to the ARK during a mission replay post-game
AgentsofMayhemE3 5

Specific Mission Fixes
  • Spinoff 2 – Fixed issue where player could fail for “leaving area” despite countdown being cleared
  • ARK Tutorial – Fixed issue where players could incorrectly receive resources for Gutterball Tech multiple times
  • ARK Tutorial – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player spent too much money or materials on Gremlin Tech when given materials to build “Crowd Pleaser” LEGION Tech
  • ARK Tutorial – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player exits game after building Gutterball Gremlin Tech then loads that save game
  • Heaven Sent 1 – Fixed issue where player could spawn multiple LEGION vehicles by leaving planetarium then returning
  • Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed crash that could occur while transitioning to dungeon
  • Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed infinite load that could occur if replaying the mission back to back in post-game
  • Heaven Sent 2 – Fixed issue with mission objectives not updating correctly
  • Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed soft crash that could occur when player attempts to start open world dungeon during third checkpoint of space laser portion of mission
  • Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed issue where Hammersmith could barely hit player if they stood still
  • Heaven Sent 3 – Fixed issue where Plasma Turrets could fire through force fields
  • Star Power 1 – Fixed issue preventing player from progressing if they leave the room without hacking
  • Star Power 1 – Fixed loss of controller functionality if intro cinematic skipped at certain time
  • Star Power 3 – Fixed crash if player moves near Gaunt immediately following cinematic that introduces boss fight
  • Star Power 3 – Fixed soft crash that could occur when returning to the ARK after running out of time during the race
  • Red Queen 1 – Fixed issue where enemy vehicle could be prematurely destroyed
  • Red Queen 3 – Fixed issue where AISHA could stop taking damage
  • Madhouse 2 – fixed issue with overlapping Friday dialogue
  • Madhouse 3 – Fixed issue with missing Boombot enemy spawns
  • Madhouse 3 – Fixed rendering soft crash that could occur if player dies right as Gremlin tank health zeroes out
  • Damocles 3 – Fixed crash when driving near TTX during mission
  • Damocles 4 – Fixed issue where player could fail the final objective while credits were playing
  • Rama Unlock – Fixed Agent vehicle not spawning during second hack objective
  • Rama Unlock – Fixed progression blocker after third hacking objective
  • Rama Unlock – Fixed an issue where player is unable to re-enter Gremlin workshop after completion of mission
  • Rama Personal – Fixed rare crash that could occur after completing mission
  • Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed issue where player can take damage over time when coming in contact with Fracking Drill beam during initial hack
  • Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed issue where restarting from checkpoint incorrectly teleported player to start of mission
  • Special Investigation: Daisy – Fixed Fracking Drill segment issues with crashing and streaming delay when driving to objective
  • Daisy Unlock – Fixed crash that could occur by being outside mission area when transition occurs
  • Daisy Unlock – Fixed rare crash when restarting mission from checkpoint
  • Daisy Unlock – Fixed soft crash caused by running to flashback point before flashback starts
  • Daisy Unlock – Fixed infinite fade if player leaves mission area as flashback is about to end
  • Daisy Unlock – Fixed camera sticking under the world after third objective if player enters the building from opposite side of the street
  • Daisy Personal – Fixed issue where LEGION vehicle AI could repeatedly drive into wall
  • Daisy Personal – Fixed soft crash if a ped vehicle destroys the LEGION vehicle before player damages it
  • Kingpin Unlock – Fixed soft crash that could occur during rooftop encounter
  • Kingpin Unlock – Fixed issue where Kingpin could spawn inside geometry when restarting from checkpoint
  • Kingpin Personal – Fixed issue with mission markers not updating correctly
  • Kingpin Personal – Fixed rare crashing issues during race
  • Special Investigation: Braddock – Fixed mission failure when player approached LEGION vehicle target
  • Braddock Unlock – Fixed issue where hack could be missing
  • Red Card Unlock – Fixed soft crash caused by missing objective indicator
  • Red Card Unlock – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player uses Ball Pit Gremlin Tech on Rudesheim players
  • Redcard Unlock – Fixed issue where game remained active underneath Hooligan tutorial
  • Scheherazade Unlock – Fixed issue where progression could be blocked after engaging initial enemies, leaving area, then returning
  • Scheherazade Unlock – Fixed missing boss that could occur if player stops to unlock a Relic’s Trading Company during mission
  • Special Investigation: Oni – Fixed rare crash issues during mission
  • Carnage A Trois Team mission – Fixed soft crash that could occur if player is trapped in elevator shaft
  • Firing Squad Team mission – Fixed missing indicators if player completes Damocles 4 before starting the team mission
AgentsofMayhemE3 3

Miscellaneous Gameplay and Other Fixes
  • Fixed missing and broken navmesh issues in the open world
  • Fixed various gameplay bugs, such as notoriety not wiping correctly, enemies misusing weapons, and other small tweaks
  • Fixed Wreck Room soft crash that could occur if player loses their final agent while in the air
  • Fixed crash when pausing in the first few frames of an agent swap animation
  • Fixed hacking soft crash that could occur if player hacked a computer that was clipping into another piece of geometry
  • Fixed LEGION Dungeon soft crash that could occur if player falls out of world
  • Fixed traversal soft crash that could occur if player warped back to ARK while using an ascender
  • Fixed crash that could occur while destroying props in certain city districts
  • Fixed infinite load that could occur after completing a LEGION Outpost
  • Fixed soft crash that could occur if player swapped agents during agent death but before death animation could play
  • Fixed crash when entering Seoul from a checkpoint restart and immediately getting hit with a beam weapon
  • Fixed random soft crash that could occur when player character vanishes in LEGION dungeon
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the final enemy from spawning in the Relic’s Trading Post gameplay
  • Fixed Gravity Dominator soft crash that could occur if Dominator placed player inside a building
  • Fixed issue with Doomsday weapons spawning consecutively into city
  • Fixed crash that could occur when approaching Gravity Dominator as Oni in the Mockingbird vehicle
  • Fixed crash when attacking an Outpost and a Gravity Dominator in same district at the same time
  • Fixed crash when driving a ped vehicle under a Gravity Dominator
  • Fixed issue with Gravity Dominators failing to complete if player destroyed the core before a boss cameo
  • Fixed rare infinite load on Mayhem Knows loading screen
  • Fixed rare soft crash that could occur when pausing or opening Hub Menu after swapping agents many times while Auto Target Gremlin Tech is active
  • Fixed Scheherazade soft crash that could occur when her teleport would place player inside a building
  • Fixed game freezing when controller is disconnected during a LEGION dungeon exit transition
  • Fixed random crash that can occur when moving around Seoul after Star Power 3
  • Fixed rare crash during max notoriety
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when loading into Seoul after Spinoff 1
AgentsofMayhemE3 6

Agent Gadgets and Legion Tech Fixes
  • Fixed “Captain on Deck” not increasing cash drop rate
  • Fixed “Action Force” not awarding health on machine gun kills
  • Fixed “Last Ditch Launcher” not reducing special cooldown if used when shields were already below 50%
  • Fixed issue with Braddock’s Elite Tech not correctly stacking
  • Fixed “Sitting Ducks” incorrectly increasing critical hit damage in addition to intended effect
Audio Fixes
  • Fixed various audio balancing issues, including volume levels, repetitiveness, and stuck audio
  • Fixed audio dropping out if player exits to Home Menu while transitioning into a video
Graphic Fixes
  • Fixed placeholder structure models
  • Fixed camera issues during various cinematics
  • Fixed missing VFX and camera shake during certain gameplay
  • Fixed collision issues, including holes in the world
  • Fixed missing “xray” material on scannable objects throughout the city
  • Fixed Agent skins previewing in low resolution
  • Fixed several instances of lighting bugs
  • Fixed jitter with Yeti’s snowball
UI Fixes
  • Fixed incorrect elements displaying on weapons HUD
  • Fixed various issues with Agent and Vehicle skin previews and list sorting
  • Fixed HUD not updating with new objectives during various missions
  • Fixed disappearing icons from World Map
  • Removed incorrect persistent “New” flag from various UI elements
  • Fixed Global Conflict bugs, including UI incorrectly leaving elements locked when they are actually accessible
  • Fixed agent videos not playing in ARK after Gat DLC package installed
  • Corrected various text and localization
  • Tweaks to Doomsday weapon OIs to increase visibility
  • Added HUD message when Doomsday weapon spawns in Seoul
  • Added new Load Screen hint
Progression and Balancing Changes and Fixes
  • Added shards on map when relevant Agency upgrade is purchased
  • Lowered difficulty of the foot race during Fortune Personal mission
  • Guaranteed Contract found in every Large Chest
  • Added chests to temple area
  • Changed rewards for mission replay
  • Fixed inaccessible chests
  • Fixed incorrect rewards granted after completing Outpost
  • Fixed player unlock of Yeti’s “Russian Frost” weapon skin
  • Balance change in Hollywood personal mission
The update itself is live now.

We've got the full list of Agents of Mayhem achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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