Xbox One Game DVR Capture Increased to 1080p for Insiders - Here's How

By Dave Horobin,
Microsoft has announced that the next Xbox One update due later this year will include an upgrade for "Game DVR", the consoles video capture functionality, which will enable users to capture gameplay footage in 1080p resolution and capture longer clips to external hard drives.

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Previously, users were limited capturing footage in a maximum resolution of 720p for up to five minutes, but with the new update that is now available to Alpha ring members of the Insider program, two new options have been added. Firstly, you can now select to record in 1080p, although recording for use on Xbox LIVE is limited to a maximum of two minutes — which is no doubt this is down to the increased file size of the higher resolution clips.

For those of you looking to record longer clips, you can now choose to save captured footage of up to one hour in length to an external hard drive for editing on a PC later instead of sharing them on Xbox LIVE. However, due to the different hard drive format required for game captures, you won't be able to use the same hard drive as one used for storing Xbox One games and apps.

How to Record in 1080p on the Xbox One and Change Capture Location

  • Open the Xbox One Guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller
  • Navigate to the Action Centre (cog Icon) on the right
  • Select All Settings
Xbox One 1080p Game DVR and Capture Location

  • Navigate to Preferences
  • Select Broadcast & capture
Xbox One 1080p Game DVR and Capture Location

  • Select Game clip resolution
  • Select Select 1080p SDR (maximum record duration of two minutes)
Xbox One 1080p Game DVR and Capture Location

To record game clips for up to one hour:
  • Select Capture location
  • Select External (must be a different external hard drive to the one used for Xbox One games and apps and USB 3.0)
You can see the new settings in our handy video below:

Will you be making use of the increases 1080p capture resolution and recording duration when you get the chance?
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