Epic Games Announce Battle Royale Mode For Fortnite

By Andy Mills,
Considering PUBG: Battlegrounds' runaway success — ten million copies sold at last count keeping in mind that it rises fairly rapidly — it was only a matter of time before big publishers took notice and began implementing something similar themselves. The next one to try is Epic Games, who has announced a new Battle Royale mode for their mix of third-person shooter and tower defence, Fortnite.

Battle Royale announcement for Fortnite

It'd be disingenuous to say that PUBG didn't have any influence on this content, so luckily, Epic has done no such thing. Instead, in this announcement trailer for the mode, they explicitly name drop how much they've enjoyed the game and hope that Fortnite can put their own enjoyable spin on the idea. For those few who have no idea what the idea is, 100 people who are armed with just their fists in the beginning drop into a wide area and the last person — or potentially duo or team in PUBG — standing at the end wins.

Battle Royale mode is in public testing at the moment and will launch officially in Fortnite on September 26th.

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