Ubisoft Unveils Five New Tracks for Just Dance 2018

By Will Cruz, 7 days ago
I hope you still have your pair of dance shoes because Just Dance 2018 is releasing in the near future. That’s right, Ubisoft’s universal party game is ready to get you off the couch and dance the night away. New gameplay has made its way to the internet showing off not one, not two, but five new tracks to shake what yo’ mama gave ya.


If you’ve never heard of songs like "Diggy" or "All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance)", don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nonetheless, the choreography and colorful visuals give a clear indication that you’re playing Just Dance. If you’re a Selena Gomez fan, you’ll be happy to know her recent hit "Bad Liar" is featured in the title. Check them out below.

But wait, there’s more. Remember when Ubisoft announced kids' mode? Well, it seems new gameplay has been revealed, showcasing kid friendly dance moves. If you’re still interested, check out two new songs for kids mode below.

Just Dance 2018 is expected to release for consoles on October 24th.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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