Middle-earth: Shadow of War Introduces Feral Tribe and Comedic TV Spots

By Will Cruz, 8 months ago
The release of Middle-earth: Shadow of War is rapidly approaching and fans cannot wait. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been previewing new tribes over the past few months and today is no different. If you’re ready to meet a faction of Orcs who utilizes the fearsome beasts of Mordor, look no further than the Feral Tribe.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The Feral Tribe is not to be taken lightly. This group of orcs feeds off the strength of vicious animals and uses that to their advantage. This only inspires more violence, death and savage actions for the crew. Will a member of this tribe become your nemesis? Watch the Feral Tribe in action below.

It’s clear that all Orcs are in-game jerks. You know it, I know it – it’s nearly a universal fact. If you think I’m lying, perhaps this trailer will open your eyes.

However, there’s a possibility that popular belief may possibly be a myth. In this trailer, we begin to see a different side of these Shrek like creatures — a side of compassion and empathy we haven’t quite seen before. If you’re in need of a chuckle or two, check out the TV spot below.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is set to release on October 10th.
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