The Division Update 1.8 Skirmishes and Resistance Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 9 months ago
Another flood of details has been released for Massive's Tom Clancy's The Division as the game gets ready to to be updated to version 1.8. In the 15th Intelligence Annex we covered a couple of weeks ago, we learned more about the new area — West Side Piers — and the new content that will be available for the PvE side of the game. Details have now emerged from the 17th Annex, but before we dive head first into the new info, let's catch up with the introduction of Skirmishes from the 16th Annex.

Annex 16

Even when the "Last Stand" DLC released to end Year One for The Division, there was still no pure PvP offering in the game, as any player could come and interrupt a battle and even the enemy AI could get involved too. In the new update, Skirmish will offer a 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode specifically without enemy interference that can happen everywhere else in the game and also without objectives to try and capture or defend.


TDM is pretty much self-explanatory and can be found in plenty of old and new titles that come with multiplayer. The objective is simple — reach a set number of kills to win the match. Time limits will be short to keep games fast-paced and the PvP normalisation that's used in "Last Stand" will also apply in TDM to keep all Agents at the same tier. Agents will be running maxed out gear, so those who tune their builds the best way will have the best chance to dominate their opponents.

When you're ready to try out the new mode, access it from the new Camp Clinton social area or the "Last Stand" Hub found within the Terminal, or you can simply queue to join Skirmish from the mega-map.


Massive hasn't gone into heavy details on the maps themselves but has confirmed that they will all be within the West Side Piers area:

Skirmish will feature three PvP-focused maps within West Side Piers. While we can’t reveal too much just yet, these arenas offer a variety of options in terms of lanes, cover, and overall flow. This promotes build diversity and encourages a variety of playstyles that Agents will need to win as a team. Our goal was to deliver an experience that keeps players in the action, and we’re confident that players will find excitement behind every corner.


Utilising a "dynamic wave spawner", squadmates should be able to push into a fight together. Teammates respawning within a few seconds of each other will be back in the game simultaneously to help keep firefights balanced. Spawn swapping will be in place too to prevent spawn camping.

In the most recent Intelligence Annex, Massive goes back to the PvE side of things with details on Resistance, the new four-player horde mode coming in the new update.

Annex 17


On the odd occasion where the different factions would cross paths, or when a faction would magically appear behind you and your team in the "Underground" and ruin your squad's attempt, they would sometimes begin to square off against the other faction in the area, giving you the opportunity to slip by or take out all of the enemies a bit easier. In Resistance, however, the enemy factions have united together to come against The Division. Be prepared to have a massive target on your back as you try to take on a mix of Rioters, Rikers, Cleaners and the Last Man Battalion.


The difficulty is turned up a notch in Resistance, as Agents will be outnumbered and outgunned. The dynamic wave spawner mentioned earlier will also play a part in this activity with enemies spawning dynamically around the Agent's location ready to engage.

The difficulty will adjust accordingly with the wave number. The further players go into Resistance, the more challenging each wave will become. If you are strong enough to survive against the different versions of all the enemy factions, then you really will be put to the test in Endless Mode where the difficulty cranks up even more.


Massive goes on to detail three arenas available in Resistance to which players will be able to fast travel from the mega-map once they have visited them within West Side Piers:

Resistance will feature three arenas. The first will bring shipping containers, barges, and construction equipment straight to the players. The second will pit players deep within dark sewer systems and close-knit tunnels. The third will offer fast-paced combat aboard the inner sanctions of a monumental NYC aircraft carrier. Each arena will introduce a unique style of play to the table, and we are excited for players to choose their favorites!


Endless waves of the four enemy factions may get old pretty quickly for some. To keep things a little bit interesting, modifiers will be thrown in the mix. Critical Objectives are urgent alerts that must be completed and they will appear on random waves. Should these alerts not be completed, the mission will fail. Wildcard Objectives will also appear randomly but failing these won't result in the mission being over. What the objectives are exactly is yet to be revealed.


Lastly, just like in "Last Stand", players can find and collect SHD Tech from defeated enemies. The Tech can then be used to build turrets and pulse stations and to also repair and/or upgrade them. Healing stations will be on hand too, and Agents can use their Tech to restock on ammo, medkits, and grenades.

The Division's Update 1.8 is scheduled to release this Fall.

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