MX vs ATV All Out Announced

By Kevin Tavore, 10 months ago
The MX vs. ATV series has been around for over a decade now with one obvious goal: putting together motocross bikes and ATV's in one package to suit all your offroad needs. Xbox itself has seen four mainline games as well as a few bonus entries, so some of you are no doubt intimately familiar with what to expect from the series, but if you're not, what should you expect? Well, in MX vs ATV All Out... apparently everything.

Details are sparse, but there are a few highlights THQ Nordic pointed out in their announcement. Here's the full list, along with a host of gameplay screenshots:

  • 2 player split-screen and 16 player online modes!
  • Various competition modes including Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, Waypoint, Tag and more!
  • Insane stunt system that tests your limits in freestyle mode!
  • Your own private compound that you can turn into a show room for all of your customized vehicles!
  • Vehicle tuning and upgrades with original performance parts!
  • Rider style! Choose gear from numerous companies or compete with one of the many top professional riders from around the world!

You can check it out in the announcement trailer below, although there's no gameplay footage to see. Still, a little hype never hurt anyone.

MX vs. ATV All Out will launch in early 2018 for Xbox One.

We've got the full list of MX vs ATV All Out achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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