World of Tanks "War Stories" Exclusive Footage

By Dave Horobin, 10 months ago
Last month, Wargaming introduced "War Stories" — a new campaign mode for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of World of Tanks that can be played alone or in co-op.

War Stories: Operation Sealion

Tomorrow, the third campaign, called "Operation Sealion", will be available to download, giving you the chance to take control of the British forces across three unique chapters as they attempt to the defend the United Kingdom from a German invasion. We got the chance to have an exclusive early play of the campaign and record our efforts when the developer came to the TGN office last week.

In chapter one, "THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT", the German forces have landed at Dover and are storming their way to London. With both the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy worn thin by a relentless attack, London stands on the brink of invasion. You must join the survivors of Dunkirk and wage a fierce counter-attack to push the enemy back.

In chapter two, "EN PASSANT", you'll have to help the RAF in their attempt to retake British airfields captured by the advancing German forces, which are now being used to launch a major Luftwaffe assault.

Lastly, in the final chapter called "CHECKMATE", the Germans have been pushed back and have dug into the beachhead. You must stage an assault on the German landing zones and deal the final blow to the invasion!

The swift end of the Battle of France, and the subsequent destruction of the Royal Air Force’s ability to wage war in the Battle of Britain set the stage for Hitler’s ultimate goal: subjugation of all of Europe.

With the Soviets bound by a non-aggression pact and American public firmly committed to isolationism, England stood alone.

Germany launched the largest amphibious invasion ever planned. The invasion was a complete success, destroying everything thrown in the path of the German war machine.

Now is England’s last chance to rearm and reorganize a final desperate attempt to push the Germans back.
The first two "War Stories" in War of Tanks are already available to download. Operation Sealion, the third campaign, will be available to download tomorrow on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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