The Odyssey and Hachiman Arrive on SMITE Console in Patch 4.17

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
SMITE's yearly Odyssey event is scheduled to launch shortly for consoles. The 4.17 patch, which is just called "The Odyssey," brings the return of its namesake event in addition to the newest god, Hachiman. With a host of new content, the patch is light on balance changes, although a few Warriors will be toned down.

The theme of the 2018 Odyssey is The Fall of War. Hi-Rez advertises that players will be able to "journey with Athena and Ares as they cover the world in the wake of Zeus’s death, based on the SMITE comic universe." Once again, players will be able to buy items and complete quests to increase their Odyssey Level. Higher levels offer exclusive cosmetic rewards. Of course, the final reward will be the Tier 5 Ullr skin. Everyone can do the quests for free, but those will only take you so far. Read below to see how it all works this year:

Odyssey Points and Odyssey Levels
  • Gain Odyssey levels by earning Odyssey points through completing quests and/or buying Odyssey items.
Collection Bonus
  • Players will get a free item every 3 Odyssey Levels as a bonus.
  • Collection bonus items can be earned by questing.
Odyssey Quests
  • 7 quests will be released in every Odyssey patch.
  • Completing these 7 quests will reward you with 1 Odyssey Level.
Odyssey Lore
  • As tradition, with every Odyssey also comes an epic story. This year, the lore will be based on the SMITE Comic Book universe.
Odyssey Items
  • Void Piercer Ah Muzen Cab
  • Storm Tech Chaac
  • “U want Sum?” Thoth Avatar
Bonus Items
  • Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll
  • Fire and Ice Loading Frame
Along with the patch, the first set of directly purchasable items has been added to The Odyssey. This year, items will be offered at 20% off their regular price during the patch they are added. There are three items so far: Void Piercer Ah Muzen Cab (400 gems with discount), U Want Sum? Thoth Avatar (160 gems with discount) and Storm Tech Chaac (400 gems with discount). The two skins will go up to 500 gems after the patch, and the avatar will go up to 160 gems. Unrelated to The Odyssey event, Artio has received a tier two skin called Wild Druid (250 gems) and Nu Wa has received a directly purchasable skin called Dark Summoner (400 gems).

Another big addition is the newest god, Hachiman: Lord of the Eight Banners. The new Hunter's kit focuses mostly on his auto attacks, and he earns a stacking MP5 buff for each auto attack he hits. His Eagle Eye ability can proc basic attack effects, and his Heavenly Banner ability can affect the attack speed of him and his allies. For his ultimate ability, he mounts his horse, launching arrows at enemy gods while he rides. As far as balance changes go, they are light. Some signature Warriors of the meta have been nerfed: Odin, Ravana and Sun Wukong. Hel, a potent healer, has received small nerfs. Bastet and Zeus have received small buffs, and Sol has received a new targeter for her Stellar Burst ability.

SMITE - The Odyssey

"The Odyssey" patch will go live for SMITE console on Tuesday, September 19th (Eastern time zone).

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