F1 2017 Patch 1.7

By Will Cruz,
If you’re into racing games, F1 2017 is probably one of the games that caught your eye this year. We called it “…phenomenally good — so good, it might be the best yet.” in our official review. It seems like Codemasters is continuing to improve the title with new changes for the game.


Patch 1.7 features small changes that won’t drastically alter the game. These minor adjustments are meant to only improve players' experiences online. Check out the full patch notes below.

Patch 1.7 Notes

  • Fixed issue where yellow flags persist for the duration of a multiplayer race when a player terminally damages their car and quits the session
  • Fixed issue where players are disqualified for not using the correct tyre compounds when another player rejoins their online session
  • Fixed issue where player is unable to resume a saved online championship from an earlier version of the game
  • Fixed issue where players are unable to load into a session which uses saved lobby settings
  • Fixed issue where lobby host could hang after changing race length during online season
  • Fixed issue where penalties could be forgotten after resuming a mid-session save
  • Fixed issue where player is limited to six gearboxes for a season
  • Increased level at which gearboxes suffer faults
  • Various other stability fixes
Patch 1.7 is now live.

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