Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Window Confirmed Along With New Screens and a Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
To celebrate the announcement of the release window for their upcoming hack & slash Dynasty Warriors 9, publisher KOEI TECMO America has released new details, a wave of new screens, and a trailer packed full of action.

The new screens showcase new character designs for the returning playable characters. There are also screenshots from focal narrative cut scenes as well as a new character called Xu Sheng who's "a cunning and charismatic general of the kingdom of Wu".

The action trailer gives us a brief look at the story, more of the characters, various locations, and also highlight the new State Combo system. This system will allow players to choose from different attacks in combat. KOEI breaks it down for us below:

Flow Attacks create move-set combos that differ depending on the enemy’s position and seamlessly continue when enemies become prone, are in mid-air, or stunned. Reactive Attacks are extremely versatile and can range from counterattacks, dash attacks, assaults, to guard breaks and finish moves. Trigger Attacks are powerful moves that change an enemy's state. Attacks will change depending on the combination of buttons pressed.
Witness the new moves in the following video:

Dynasty Warriors 9 is now looking to release on the Xbox One in early 2018.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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