Minecraft Better Together Upgrade Rolls Out to Xbox One Users

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
Following a beta period, Mojang has started to roll out the "Better Together" update for all owners of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. The update lets players across mobile, VR, Xbox One and Windows 10 play together. It's also not really an "update" for Xbox One players — it's a completely new version of the game accompanied by its own achievement set, which testers were already earning during the beta. If you haven't been keeping up with the update progress, and it all sounds a bit confusing, read on.


From now on, the former Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is no longer available on the Marketplace. Its store page already shows it as "Not Available." This is to encourage all new players to move over to the new, "Better Together" version of Minecraft. As the FAQ says, any Minecraft owners who have played for five or more hours or have purchased a DLC pack will receive the new version of Minecraft for free. If you're a disc owner, you have until January 30th, 2018 to meet the hour requirement or purchase a DLC pack and receive the new version free. If you own the Xbox One version digitally, there is no date cutoff that you have to meet. Mojang says the five-hour minimum is "to help us separate real accounts from fake ones."

The old Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will remain accessible in your library, so don't worry about losing achievement progress, worlds or anything like that. Worlds from the old edition will also be "waiting for you" in the new version, and you'll be able to "convert them and continue playing."

Lastly, now that "Better Together," or simply Minecraft, which is Mojang's name of choice now that they have united all the versions, is available for everyone, it received a host of new features and changes following the beta:

New Features:

  • Stained Glass
  • Fireworks (with Elytra boost!)
  • Parrots
  • Banners
  • Armor Stands
  • Jukebox and music discs
  • Recipe Book
  • Book & Quill
  • Ravines
  • Coarse Dirt
  • New world start options: Starting Map; Bonus Chest; Trust Players
  • New game rules: Show Coordinates; TNT Explodes; Natural Regeneration
  • Added '/tickingarea' command to create areas that still update when no players are there
  • Player permissions
  • Zombie Villager spawn egg
  • In-game host options
  • Paper doll viewer
  • Outline selection toggle
  • In-game player names toggle
  • HUD opacity toggle
  • Expanded Xbox Live multiplayer world settings
  • New loading screens with funny and helpful tips
  • How to Play screen
  • Remix 3D export functionality (Windows 10 only)
  • New achievements
  • Server Partners
  • Realms invite links
  • Mash-up Packs and Texture Packs will now decorate the main menu and in-game HUD


  • Rebalanced most of the game sound effects and music, such as rain being much quieter
  • It is now much easier to see underwater after drinking a Potion of Water Breathing and Potion of Night Vision
  • Blaze Powder is now needed to fuel brewing stands
  • Ice blocks are now transparent
  • Maps can now be held off-hand and show the heads of players' skins
  • Locator maps now track the owner's position, regardless of dimension
  • Worlds can now be set to Invite Only, Friends Only, or Friends of Friends
  • Various improvements and changes to navigating the user interface
  • Redesigned button mapping and added Pick Block for controllers
  • Render Clouds and Fancy Leaves can now be toggled in Video Settings
  • Skins can now be changed from the pause menu
  • Chat messages can now be muted
  • Items picked up are now animated on the hotbar
  • Stained glass and banners will now spawn on End Cities
  • Increased the default player limit on worlds from 5 to 8 on higher-end devices
  • Block placement speed now matches the player's movement speed
  • Temperature decreases with height and it can now snow at high elevations
  • Observer blocks have updated textures and will now blink red when outputting a redstone pulse
  • Adjusted the color that flashes when mobs are attacked
  • Brick Blocks, Nether Brick Blocks, and Clay Blocks have been renamed to better differentiate from other items
  • Underwater particles
  • Jungle leaves are now transparent on higher-end devices when Fancy Leaves are enabled
  • Changed the sound effects for Creeper explosions
  • Added sound effects for placing Eyes of Ender into portal frames and opening The End portal
As for bug fixes, Mojang says there are "too many to mention."

"Better Together" is rolling out now for Minecraft players. However, be aware that there may be a wait, and "it may take a day or two to process all the requests." There is also a known problem where players are being shown a price for the new version, which Xbox Support is actively looking into. Be sure to head over to the official FAQ if you have unanswered questions regarding the switch-over.
Credit for this story goes to Von Krauser
Kelly Packard
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