Fortnite's Battle Royale Will Launch as Free to Play Standalone

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
If you've been thinking to yourself, "Wow, I really want to buy Fortnite so I can try out the new Battle Royale mode," now you don't have to. Developer Epic Games has announced Battle Royale will be a separate download that anyone can play, regardless of their ownership of the early access PvE game.

A short FAQ on Epic's official website says there is "no catch." The game is free, and there will be no microtransactions that provide players with a competitive advantage. The game may later be monetized with purchasable cosmetics or "compendium-like content." It makes sense when you think about it, since all of Fortnite will be free to play when it officially launches in 2018.

The download will also launch with squads in addition to the classic solo mode. Like the base game, Battle Royale is still a work in progress, with Epic saying they're "working to improve the feel of combat, controls, weapons, movement and inventory."

Battle Royale announcement for Fortnite

As a separate download, this brings up a few questions. If you're an achievement hunter, you're probably curious if it will have its own achievements. The FAQ doesn't say — though it does mention that "we don’t know if Battle Royale will eventually connect to the Fortnite Campaign" — but we'll see when Battle Royale launches on the Xbox store on September 26th.

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Kelly Packard
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