TA Playlist Game for October 2017 Announced

By Mark Delaney,
As has been the case a few times before, anyone who followed the comment thread of the recent TA Playlist poll could probably infer the winner and future community game based on how much support it received publicly. October should be a sufficiently and, as intended, scary month for anyone participating. Your winner, with over 41% of the votes, is:

Alien: Isolation

The Trigger 5

Here's how the final tally broke down:
Game Votes %
Alien: Isolation 878 41.30
Dead Rising 3 506 23.80
Resident Evil 4 416 19.57
Little Nightmares 326 15.33
The second place finish for Dead Rising 3 means it will return in our next second chance poll to decide January's game. It joins Mafia III as the first half of that list, with the other two to be determined across the next two polls, of course.

Alien is a first-person survival horror with heavy emphasis on stealth and avoiding combat. Unlike some other recent horror games, you can engage in combat, but since you can't kill the famous xenomorph, your tools are limited to obstruction and distraction tactics. Developed by Creative Assembly (Total War, Halo Wars) and published by SEGA in 2014, the game offers 50 achievements for 1,000 gamerscore and 2,741 TA score at time of writing. There are additional DLC packs but they are without achievements.

Alien Isolation's review scores were all over the place when it launched three years ago. Its Metacritic score settled into a 78 for the Xbox One version. It's available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 as it released simultaneously for both systems. For the month of Playlist, we'll be sharing our own thoughts on the game — for the first time for many players, no doubt. How well does the game fit into the overworld of Ridley Scott's Alien? What do you think of the titular monster's dynamic AI? How about those creepy robots aboard Sevastopol Space Station? These questions and many more will paint our coverage of the game that will run throughout the month of October. Join us in the forums, check your stats, share game clips, and catch us as we wrap it all up with our monthly TA Playlist Podcast that should hit your download queues just in time for Halloween.

The xeno-month will begin on October 1st. Look for those changes in the TA Playlist Hub next week. Until then, there's still time to die in Dark Souls with the rest of us.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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