Warframe Reveals More Details On The Upcoming Expansion - Plains Of Eidolon

By Ashley Woodcock, 10 months ago
Digital Extremes' free-to-play, third-person shooter Warframe is a forced not to be messed with on the Xbox One. The game has become a massive success for the developers over the years, and the team doesn't look to stop supporting the game anytime soon. A couple of months ago, the "Plains of Eidolon" expansion was revealed with a mass of details, screens and videos. Megan Everett, the team's senior community coordinator, took the time out to share new details and screens via Xbox Wire revealing more of what's to come in the upcoming DLC.

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Taking to their Twitch TV channel, the team introduced new mini-games and explored more in the town of Cetus. Tenno will be able to spearfish during the day or night and catch different types of fish. Different ones, however, may require different types of spears and spearheads to catch depending on the time of day. Mining will be another mini-game which will operate as a resource extraction rewarding players who are better at extracting with better quality gems. Place extractors in certain locations, and they will then also act as a point of interest for you to return to after exploring the hills or making short work of enemies. Well, some of the enemies will be easy to kill, but the Eidolons may be too much of a challenge with their sheer size and power.

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Digital Extremes goes on to detail these huge new threats:

Technically, Eidolons aren’t new to Warframe, but players will never have faced them before. Ten stories high, emerging from the water only at night, and oblivious to their surroundings, these behemoths march like massive golems hypnotically drawn to a target that you’ll have to uncover. It will take a collective effort from your squad of four to formulate a strategy to take them down, prepare the right weapons and armor, and then coordinate that attack as a team. Even the most skilled players will need to have their best game on when facing their first Eidolon. And even if that first attack damages the Eidolon, that’s just the beginning. They don’t go down easy in round one, or maybe not even in round two… or three.

The residents living on Cetus have a lot of respect for the Warframes as these are the people Tenno and the Lotus have done their best to protect for so long. Where as some kids in the real-world will have played "cops and robbers" back in the day, the children of Cetus prefer to play "Warframes and Grineers". The people of this planet live off an ancient living structure you will have seen in the 17-minute demo released during TennoCon. This relic of the old wars was seen being hauled down and looked like a giant slab of "something" which the citizens then began to start carving up. The existence of these people is thanks to the players, but once the expansion goes live, you will be in Cetus for a specific reason, and you will need to find out why.

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To dive deeper into the ongoing story of the Tenno, players will need to explore the Open Zone, haggle and make agreements with the citizens, take on jobs, battle Grineer for resources and territory, and try to take down the Eidolons. Digital Extremes promises this new experience will be a fulfilling one.

There's no official release date just yet for the upcoming DLC, but by the sounds of it, it's going to be well-worth the wait once it becomes available for Warframe.

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