Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Episode 3 Review

By Megan Walton,
Warning: This review will contain spoilers for the previous Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two episodes.
Jesse and his/her friends seem to have a special knack for getting themselves in the worst possible situations. Episode 3 of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two is no different and sees them locked in a prison type facility with little hope of escaping. We've hit the (possibly) mid point of the series now; this seems to be the perfect place for things to get interesting and that's definitely what's happened here.

You wouldn't want to come face to face (to face) with this guyYou wouldn't want to come face to face (to face) with this guy

At the end of the last episode, we found out that the Admin was actually hiding himself within Jesse's friendship group as Vos. After putting the gauntlet on either Jack or Petra (depending on your choice), the Admin transported you to a place where he said you would never see the light of day again, a room surrounded by lava and obsidian walls that looks very ominous. In order to try and escape from the Sunshine Institute, you must team up with Prisoner X, a special prisoner who has been locked up in a cell that only the Admin and the Warden can access.

Created by the Admin, this place turns out to be the Sunshine Institute, a "prison" where he puts the people that annoy him most and that he needs to keep out of the way. This seems like a very childish idea and unfortunately the Admin's character does seem to be changing from a scary and intimidating boss to something more like a stubborn child, which is a shame. On the plus side, this episode does help us learn more about his past and show how much of a threat he is, as well as showing a potential weakness that sets up for an exciting ending to the series.

Although you are technically limited to the one location, this is one of the best places you'll be exploring. The prison facility has a number of different levels, such as the Mush Room where prisoners have to make their own food after fighting over rare growing mushrooms. It looks like a horrible place to be a prisoner but an interesting place to explore. There's a big maze around the facility that you must make your way through if you want to escape. Within it is another exciting boss fight with a multi-faced ghast, but you'll also meet other interesting creatures like creeper spiders. All of these have been created by the Admin, further showing how much of a threat he still is.

Why did it have to be spider creepers?Why did it have to be spider creepers?

The third episode is no different from the others in that it offers twists and turns through the exciting story, which makes it the best episode yet. There are some tough decisions in this episode, where you have to choose whether to help people who may have not done the same for you in the past, and this makes the episode feel that bit more serious and involved because of it. Sometimes you can feel there's a bit too much conversation going on and not enough action, but this time around this is mixed perfectly with the hand to hand combat against the creeper spiders. Everything else is perfectly balanced too: making decisions, interactions and completing QTEs. After all this, the episode comes to slightly surprising abrupt end and you feel it could have gone on possibly five minutes longer.

Simply completing this episode will earn you all six of the easy to get achievements, the same as all the previous episodes.


Episode 3 is the best episode yet in this new series. The story continues to be both interesting and exciting as we find out more about the Admin's past and how he might be beaten in the future. Prisoner X was a good addition to the story with her intriguing character arc to follow. Couple this with another fun to beat boss fight and a good location to explore and there's not a lot of places this episode has gone wrong. The only minor blips were with a very abrupt ending and the Admin seems to act like more of a little child than a big bad guy at times. Overal,l though, this is a great third episode and sets up for an exciting penultimate episode to come next.
4.5 / 5
Episode 3: Jailhouse Block in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
  • Story picks up as we find out more about Admin's past
  • Perfect balance of fighting, talking and QTEs
  • Story arc of Prisoner X is interesting
  • Different rooms and environments within the one location
  • Another decent boss fight
  • Ending feels a little too abrupt
  • Admin character feels disappointing at times
The reviewer spent approximately 90 minutes trying to escape from the Sunshine Institute, unlocking all six of the DLC achievements along the way. An Xbox One download code for the season pass was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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