Candleman's Lost Light DLC Coming This October

By Kelly Packard,
Earlier this year, developer Spotlightor Interactive promised Candleman fans more content for the platformer. The DLC, called "Lost Light," has been dated for October.


The DLC is advertised as offering "the real ending of the game story," which players were glad to hear: though Candleman was praised by users and reviewers, its ending was criticized. "Lost Light" is said to run roughly one and a half hours and contain three chapters with 12 total levels. Spotlightor had also hoped to add some additional features to the game such as leaderboards, but it's not clear if that too will be available when the DLC launches, or whether it'll require a future update.

"Lost Light" launches for Candleman on October 20th. An earlier tweet from the official Candleman Twitter account said the DLC will be free.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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