Insiders Can Now Copy Xbox One Game and Apps Using Network Transfer - Here's How

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago
During the Xbox live show at this year's Gamescom, Mike Ybarra announced a host of new features that would be coming to the Xbox One, including the ability to transfer games and apps using local network transfer.

Xbox One Network Transfer

If you're an Xbox Insider member on the Alpha ring, that's now a possibility, with the latest Xbox One update allowing users to copy games over both wired and wireless networks. If you're interested in checking out the new feature you can find instructions below.

How to Copy Xbox One Games and Apps Over a Local Network

  • Open the Xbox One Guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller
  • Navigate to the Action Centre (cog Icon) on the right
  • Select Settings
Xbox One Network Transfer

  • Navigate to Network
  • Select Network transfer
Xbox One Network Transfer

  • Select Allow network transfer on the console you want to copy games and apps from
  • Discoverable consoles will now show under Local consoles
Xbox One Network Transfer

  • Select the console you want to copy from
  • Select all to transfer everything or select each individual game and app that you want to copy from the list on the right
  • Select Copy selected
  • Select the Internal or External Drive you want to copy to
  • Select Copy

You can see the steps above in our handy video guide:

Will you be making use of the new network transfer feature?
Dave Horobin
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