Pinball FX3 Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the achievement list for Pinball FX3, which is developed by ZEN Studios.

Pinball FX3 is the BIGGEST, most COMMUNITY focused pinball game ever created. Multiplayer matchups, user generated tournaments and league play create endless opportunity for pinball competition.

FREE backwards compatibility! Bring your previous Pinball FX2 purchases with you to Pinball FX3 at no charge!

Pinball FX3 features the best pinball library available, with tables based on Star Wars™, Marvel, Aliens™, Bethesda®, Family Guy, Portal® and more!
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Pinball FX3 Achievements page.
Pinball FX 3

There are 78 achievements worth a total of 1,335 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Feel the power Unlock 3 perks on any table! 45
Nine zeros Earn 1,000,000,000 points combined on the tables! 150
Contender Post a score in an official tournament! 50
Beat this! Win your first Matchup game! 50
Master of pinballs Collect 35 Pinball Mastery points in total! 50
Gotta collect'em all Gather all the Collectibles of a table! 200
Get the stars! Earn all stars in a Challenge mode game! 75
Here comes a new challenger Earn all the stars of a table's Challenge modes! 150
Level cap reached Level up any upgrade or wizard power on any table to level 10! 75
Arachnophobia Defeat all the spiders in the cellar on Sorcerer's Lair! (Single player only) 5
Barely legit Max out all the upgrades and wizard powers on the same table! 150
1.21 jigowatt? Catch the lightning in 1955 on Back to the Future™ Pinball! (Single player only) 5
Language Lesson Raise the multiplier to the maximum on E.T.™ Pinball. (Single player only) 5
Intrusion Activate a Jaws Mode during a Quint Mode on Jaws™ Pinball. (Single player only) 5
Escape to the Surface Complete all 6 Test Chambers and then defeat GLaDOS on the Portal ® table. (Single player only) 5
Perfect Scouting Complete Scout Ahead while avoiding the zombie ball on The Walking Dead table. (Single player only) 5
The Wanderer Reach level five on the Fallout® Pinball table. (Single player only) 5
Dragonslayer Defeat a dragon on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Pinball table! (Single player only) 5
Big Gun Blast away your enemies with the BFG on DOOM® Pinball. (Single player only) 5
Gunslinger Win a quick-draw duel on the Wild West Rampage table! (Single player only) 5
Unnecessary Rage Defeat 50 incoming berserkers on the CastleStorm table. (Single player only) 5
New Discovery Launch a probe and get it to the right spot on Secrets of the Deep! (Single player only) 5
Munifex Complete two successful shots against the galleon during Mock Warfare on Rome! (Single player only) 5
Cozy Cookie Amass your first million with the Mad Professor watching on Biolab. (Single player only) 5
Legendary Swordsman Hit all of the guardians of the hidden mini-playfield on Pasha! (Single player only) 5
Highly flammable Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank on the V12 table! (Single player only) 5
Ancient trap Survive the Giant Ball ramp on El Dorado! (Single player only) 5
Wealthy patron Secure at least 500.000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode on Tesla! (Single player only) 5
Earth, wind, flood and fire Summon a disaster for the unbelievers on Shaman! (Single player only) 5
Tony Stark Accomplish all Tony Stark missions on the Iron Man table! (Single player only) 5
Party Time Hit all three Websling ramps two times on Spider-Man! (Single player only) 5
Golden Hoard Fill your treasure gauge to the brim on Blade! (Single player only) 5
Clever Hand Hit one of the Hand ninjas by dumping the ball on him on Wolverine! (Single player only) 5
Enter the Arena Enter the ruined Arena on World War Hulk! (Single player only) 5
Blitzkrieg USA Collect all targets during Blitzkrieg USA on Fear Itself! (Single player only) 5
Surfin' in Space Score a Surfer award on The Infinity Gauntlet! (Single player only) 5
A Legend Returns Save Cap's ball from draining down an outlane on Marvel's The Avengers table. (Single player only) 5
A Force To Be Reckoned With Locate all A-Force members to aid you on the A-Force table. (Single player only) 5
Bombs Away Get Bombshell in play with her ramp on Marvel’s Women of Power: Champions. (Single player only) 5
One more pass Defeat an AT-AT walker on the Star Wars Episode V table! (Single player only) 5
Clone Training Complete the clone training by Capturing the Citadel on the Clone Wars table! (Single player only) 5
Imperial Mercenary Complete all of the Empire's special assignments on the Boba Fett table! (Single player only) 5
All wings report in! Initiate the Death Star multiball on the Star Wars™: Episode VI table (Single player only). 5
The Best Starfighter Pilot Waste 5 X-wings in the Trench Run mode on the Star Wars™: Darth Vader table! (Single player only) 5
Rookie Pilot Make a turn in the Lone Fighter Mode on the Starfighter Assault table! (Single player only) 5
Notorious smuggler Hit the right secret compartment 3 times in a row on the Han Solo table. (Single player only) 5
Fix C-3PO Complete the Fix C-3PO game mode on the Star Wars™: Droids™ table. (Single player only) 5
Sand People! Or worse! Complete a Tusken Raider mode on Star Wars™: Episode IV table! (Single player only) 5
New Master of the Force Make combo shots and reach a Master Combo on the Masters of the Force table! (Single player only) 5
There has been an awakening Complete the story on the Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ table. (Single player only) 5
Rise of the First Order Start a Multiball on the mini playfield of the Might of the First Order table! (Single player only) 5
Stunt Rider Complete at least three rounds in a row on the jump ramp on Ghost Rider (Single player only) 5
Enemies Of Asgard Accomplish all the Asgard missions on Thor! (Single player only) 5
Assemble The Team Collect 3 heroes to aid Professor Xavier in his battle on X-Men! (Single player only) 5
Mooncopter Take off with the Mooncopter on Moon Knight! (Single player only) 5
Doomsday Lock 4 balls with Doctor Doom and start the Four-ball mode on Fantastic Four. (Single player only) 5
The Cosmic Cube Use the Cosmic Cube to your advantage on Captain America! (Single player only) 5
Shuma-Gorath Multiball Start the Shuma-Gorath Multiball on the Doctor Strange table! (Single player only) 5
Heroes Imprisoned Break into the Prison and start the Ambush with Captain America on Civil War (Single player only.) 5
The Box Start a Weasel or a Blind Al mode with two balls on the Deadpool table. (Single player only) 5
Maximum Carnage Complete all main modes and win in Maximum Carnage on the Venom table. (Single player only) 5
Orb Bonus Complete a main mode to start Orb Bonus on the Guardians of the Galaxy table. (Single player only) 5
Teamwork Win all Assemble hurry-ups with one ball on the Avengers: Age of Ultron table. (Single player only) 5
The Secret Formula Hit the Pym Particle ball enough times to start multiball on the Ant-Man table! (Single player only) 5
Fire across the galaxy Duel with the Inquisitor on the Star Wars Rebels™ table! (Single player only) 5
Immeasurable power Complete Krennic's Wrath on level 2 on Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One™ table! (Single player only) 5
Did It for the Dowry Start the Princess multiball on Epic Quest by hitting the locker wheel 3 times! (Single player only) 5
Glorious victory Repel the attack of the robber knights against Camelot on Excalibur! (Single player only) 5
Shuttle Pilot Collect five samples with the Space Shuttle magnetic drain on Mars! (Single player only) 5
Ghost Sighting Get up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion and banish a ghost on Paranormal! (Single player only) 5
Artilleryman Fire with the Cannon on Earth Defense! (Single player only) 5
Deputy Director Knock out Avery Bullock on the American Dad! Pinball table. (Single player only) 5
Giggity giggity goo! Start the Giggity Multiball on the Family Guy Pinball. (Single player only) 5
Embezzlement Spend 100,000 bucks from the Operations Fund in the Archer Pinball table. (Single player only) 5
Get That Party Started Serve all customers to get to the Wizard Mode on the Bob's Burgers table. (Single player only) 5
Bug Hunt Defeat both Facehuggers in the Ulterior Motives game mode on Aliens Pinball. (Single player only) 5
The Final Battle Defeat the Alien during Wizard Mode on Alien vs. Predator Pinball. (Single player only) 5
Trial by Fire Use the Flamethrower to escape the Alien on the Alien: Isolation Pinball table. (Single player only) 5
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