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By Lucy Wood, 9 months ago
Ubisoft has shared details of the soundtrack for upcoming open world shooter Far Cry 5, written by award-winning composer Dan Romer. Romer is a music producer, songwriter and film composer whose previous work ranges from writing film scores for Beasts of the Southern Wild and Beasts of No Nation, to producing chart-topping tracks such as "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. His work on Far Cry 5 takes inspiration from traditional hymns as a way to differentiate the domesday cultist enemies from more traditional video game villains.

Far Cry 5 key art

The soundtrack of Far Cry 5 is centred around 10 new hymns written to express both the ideals of the cult and its attitude towards nonbelievers. Taken at face value they are beautiful, inspiring songs but they will take on new meanings as players learn more about The Project at Eden’s Gate. The game's ambient music, which varies according to player activity such as stealth, combat and open world exploration, has been written to complement the cult hymns but also with stylistic differences linked to the area the player is currently in; for example, the music heard in the Whitetail Mountains has an industrial edge in contrast to the more psychedelic influences heard around the Henbane River.

Wherever the cult goes, its music goes too, blaring from buses or loudspeakers mounted on poles. The cultists of Far Cry 5 even have their own radio station that can be heard from radios and vehicles throughout the game. Players preferring to tune in to a more secular message will be able to choose a non-cult radio station in each area, each of which has a playlist chosen to enhance the location's atmosphere; for example, the non-cult offerings in the Whitetail Mountains include a lot of punk and metal tracks, while Henbane River listeners get a selection of '50s and '60s rock and doo-wop.

As powerful as The Project at Eden’s Gate is in Hope County, there are areas that its hymns don't reach. Players exploring areas free of cult presence get to enjoy a relaxing acoustic soundtrack rich in guitars, banjos and fiddles.

Hope County is also the stomping ground of a fictional 70's daredevil by the name of Clutch Nixon, whose records players will try to beat in races and time trials. According to Far Cry 5 audio director Tony Gronick, "this guy needed his own music", so he hired a band called the Road Vikings to record a song extolling Clutch's achievements that will be heard when players are trying to outdo him.

Far Cry 5 will be released on February 27th, 2018.

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Written by Lucy Wood
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