TA Playlist Podcast Episode 6 - Dark Souls

By Mark Delaney,
We've now covered half a year of TA Playlist games, and it's safe to say no previous month was as lively as September was for Dark Souls, despite the fact that the stats suggest otherwise and despite the fact that much of the conversation in the forums shifted from "what do you think of this?" to "how do I defeat this thing?" Kevin and Mark have to go on without Will for this episode — listen in to find out why. That topic, as well as the overall fairness of the game's design, the overwhelming sadness of the world of Dark Souls, plus plenty of community feedback paint another lengthy conversation we hope you'll enjoy. Will Dark Souls return in a future Playlist poll? We share our thoughts in this episode but we'd love to hear yours too!

Dark Souls

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This episode puts a lid on our month of Dark Souls discussion, and with that we collectively move on to our October game, Alien: Isolation. The conversation is already moving quickly so don't miss out!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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