The Odyssey Continues in SMITE Console's Journey to Asgard Patch

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
SMITE's annual Odyssey event always promises a journey. Of course, the wait for that journey to continue is always a little tougher for console players, with Xbox One and PS4 patches lagging a week behind the PC version. But, the wait for round two of The Odyssey is nearly over: Patch 4.18: Journey to Asgard launches for consoles on Tuesday, October 3rd.

With the initial big Odyssey patch launching two weeks ago, developer Hi-Rez Studios was able to get back to balance updates and adding new Project Olympus features in the 4.18 patch. That doesn't mean there isn't any new Odyssey content, however, and players can now purchase three more Odyssey items, including two skins and one global emote. The first bonus item is also here, a Da Ji skin earned for earning a set amount of Odyssey points. If you're following along the quest lines — which you should be if you're looking to maximize your points earned — the Norse quest line has opened, featuring seven new quests that offer 500 Odyssey points each.

Belly Ache Ymir and Inu Gami Fenrir are the two new skins to look out for. During the Journey to Asgard patch, they'll be available for 20% off, or 400 gems, before going back up to their regular price of 500 gems. Of course, all the Odyssey skins from last patch are still available, like Void Piercer Ah Muzen Cab and Storm Tech Chaac, but they'll be at their regular price instead of last patch's discount. Additionally, Sequined Sadist Da Ji is the first point reward to be added to this year's Odyssey. The skin can be acquired with 21,000 Odyssey Points. Outside of The Odyssey event, Nike has received a tier two skin called Harbinger that can be purchased for 250 gems.

With regard to Project Olympus, improvements have been made to spectator mode, server roll-ups have been deactivated, and players can now randomize even more of their loadout, with options being added to randomize your selected "Loading Screens, Pedestals, Jump Stamps, Global Emotes, Recall Skins, Announcer Packs, Music Themes, HUD Themes, Fountain Skins [and] Level Up skins."

The patch offers a decent amount of balance changes, which can be viewed in full detail in the official patch notes. To recap, Atalanta's Bow, Chronos Pendant, Kuzenbo, Ratatoskr and Tyr have been buffed; Artio, Camazotz, Skadi and Terra have been nerfed. There have also been quite a few bug fixes and clarifications to visual and sound effects.

Xbox players will also notice two new achievements for Hachiman, which we've already scanned in to the site:

SMITENumber 1 StunnahThe Number 1 Stunnah achievement in SMITE worth 131 points"Unlock the SMITE Award "Number 1 Stunnah"!
"As Hachiman, Hit 5 enemy Gods with one use of his Ultimate, Mounted Archery."

SMITEMounted ArcheryThe Mounted Archery achievement in SMITE worth 153 points"Unlock the SMITE Award "Mounted Archery!"
"As Hachiman, Stun 2 enemy Gods with one use of his Iaijutsu Ability."

It'll all be live shortly when Patch 4.18 goes live for Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday, October 3rd in the morning (Eastern time zone).

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Kelly Packard
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