Raiders of the Broken Planet Patch Released

By CognitiveCaveat,
MercurySteam released a new patch today for Raiders of the Broken Planet. Previously, Xbox One and Founders Pack users had problems playing the campaign. The patch fixing this is now live. Those who have the Founders Pack will also get early access to Mikah, ten days early, for use with the Alien Myths campaign.

Lycus Dion Space Biker skin

The good news is that for those with the Founders Pack, you already have access to Mikah, and you already got the Lycus Dion Space Biker skin as compensation for the delay. Both can be used immediately for the ‘Hanging by a thread’ mission.

Raiders of the Broken Planet can be played on the Xbox One and, because it is a Play
Anywhere title, on a Windows 10 PC/Tablet.

This patch, which rendered portions of the game unplayable, is live as of now.

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