Unite Against the Albs in ELEX

By Will Cruz, 9 months ago
Developer Piranha Bytes aims to bring new life to the sci-fi/fantasy genre with their new upcoming game, ELEX. Last month, we were introduced to the ruthless Outlaws faction. Today we learn of The Albs, who simply won’t stop until they seize control over the whole planet.


The trailer showcases the extremely dark and threatening world of Magalan. The Albs are these machine-like creatures who are extremely cutthroat. Stripped of emotion and empathy, The Albs consume Elex, which gives them clarity and extreme strength. Seeing that these vicious cyborgs are striving for full control over the world, it’s clear they must be stopped before it’s too late. If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look at the trailer below.

ELEX is set to release on consoles on October 17th.

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Will Cruz
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