The Best Xbox Stealth Games Available in 2018

By Mark Delaney,
Just as 2018 snuck up on all of us, so too do the protagonists in these stealth games. Below are the best stealth games available in 2018 on your Xbox One. Most stealth games don't demand you commit to stealth exclusively, but most of them also reward you when you choose to do things that way. That's true with all of these games. Put on your darkest pants, find the nearest shadow, and join us in this rundown.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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The Phantom Pain is the kind of game that actually feels as if every seemingly insignificant gameplay detail actually has a real purpose. Every mission, side-op and minute spent assigning staff back at Mother Base makes a real difference to what can or cannot be achieved out on the field. At its core, it is still a stealth-action game, but it never ties you down to just being stealthy. Every mission can be approached in a multitude of different ways and it's left up to the player how to progress. The more manageable approach to storytelling may not seem true to the Metal Gear Solid series to date, but it fits in well with the game's more flexible approach, which lets people attack the game head on or play in smaller bites without needing to worry that at any moment they may have to set aside an hour purely to watch a surprise cut-scene.

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Dishonored 2


At the end of my first playthrough in Low Chaos, I couldn't wait to start a new game and unleash my darker side. As I restarted the first level, a different feeling washed over me. There was a satisfaction to playing Dishonored 2 in quiet and merciful way that was totally different than the wanton assault in which I was engaging. Few games can elicit that dichotomy of emotion and experience. That factor alone makes Dishonored 2 a game worth playing. For those needing a more technical recommendation, however, Dishonored 2 represents a hallmark in level design and player freedom. While you're encouraged to play the game stealthily with a good measure of tactics and precision, it is by no means necessary. The detailed missions, versatile powers, and atmospheric storytelling will keep you coming back for multiple playthroughs if only to learn more about the world, play with the powers, and find every last thing to either steal or kill/subdue. Simply put, Dishonored 2 is a must play for stealth fans and an easy recommendation for most gamers.

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Metro Redux

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The Metro bundle offers two awesome stealth games for the price of one, and they've been heavily discounted several times over the years too, to the point where they have been nearly free. Hopefully you've played them by now but if not, these stealth-action-horror hybrids are definitely worth your time. With tense atmosphere and an emphasis on resource management, the series takes the best of horror, mixes it with great stealth moments, and still lets it all devolve into gunfire and madness when you make it that way. Like is so often the case, however, it's much more rewarding to quietly pick off your enemies one by one, quieter than a carbon monoxide leak.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided provides an interesting and at times thought provoking story which is set in a detailed and immersive world that is begging to be explored. The lack of character development in some of the enemies, the occasional technical issues, and the ending which leaves too many questions unanswered are blemishes, no doubt, but for anyone looking for a rewarding single-player experience the variety of gameplay and replay value on offer makes Mankind Divided an easy recommendation.

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18/06 4

Currently running as our TA Playlist game of the month, Hitman is perhaps the finest example of a series that has historically stood as one of the greats in the genre. Agent 47's skill set has never been more robust and the world is alive and always changing thanks to smarter AI in each level and live contracts that are available only for limited times. If you didn't enjoy the bottlenecking of its misfiring predecessor, this no-subtitle soft reboot is a great place to jump back in — or even jump in for the first time. There are more ways than ever to assassinate your targets in this installation, and every map is multi-faceted and gorgeous in IO's proprietary Glacier Engine. Get your barcode tattoo and join the club.

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Alien: Isolation

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Another former TA Playlist game, Isolation is an example of a licensed game done very well. Perhaps more than any game on this list, it demands you exhibit smart cautious decision making. The alien is alive and with unscripted AI it can get terrifying when you're hiding in a locker hoping it doesn't check for you. You have some recourse for defense, but just as the films showed us so many times, offensively you're pretty much screwed. So keep your flamethrower loaded, but don't expect it to kill the xenomorph. It'll only slow her. In the meantime, solve your puzzles or find a new hiding spot. She's adaptive and on the hunt and you're the unfortunate prey. This flips the stealth dynamic and not to the player's benefit from a self-preservation standpoint, though if you like stealth-horror, it's all very commendable.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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