Battlefield 1 Expansion Turning Tides Announced

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
DICE announced the third expansion in their WWI shooter Battlefield 1. “Turning Tides” gives us the opportunity to play as the British Royal Marines as a new faction during campaigns such as the Gallipoli Offensive and the Zeebrugge Raid. Played as a primarily naval adventure, amphibious warfare, new vehicles, new maps, and new weapons will be included in this third expansion.

Turning Tides

DICE also announced anniversary events. Battlefield 1 is one year old, and the entire Battlefield series is 15 years old. If you log into Battlefield 1 between October 12th and 16th you will be rewarded with a set of anniversary dog tags.

DICE is also adding variations to the popular Operations mode. Operations campaigns are a blending of multiple operations with unique rewards being offered by playing. The first operation campaign to be added is called “Eastern Storm” and combined the operations “Red Tide” and “Brusilov Offensive” from In the Name of the Tsar for Battlefield 1. The second operation campaign will be titled “Fall of Empires” and combines “Iron Walls” and “Conquer Hell” from the base game. Other operations campaigns will be added over time.

“Turning Tides” is expected to be released in December. “Eastern Storm” will release in early November and will be available to those with the Premium Pack or those who purchased “Name of the Tsar.” “Fall of Empires” should release in December.

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