SMITE's Departure to the Afterlife Patch Launches on Console

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
With Halloween being just two weeks away, it's time for even the gods and goddesses of SMITE to get dressed up. The "Departure to the Afterlife" patch sees the addition of all the Halloween content along with the continuation of this year's Odyssey event. A new line of quests has opened up for those earning Odyssey Points through quest completion. As always, there is also the usual round of balance changes and bug fixes.

"Departure to the Afterlife" brings Chapter 3 of The Odyssey, SMITE's most well-known event. This patch opens up the Japanese quest line, bringing seven Japanese quests that players can complete to earn free Odyssey Points. Of course, the Odyssey Points go toward earning collection rewards that can only be received when enough points are earned with the final reward being the tier five Ullr skin.

For Odyssey items, Mummified Izanami, Yurei Susano and Warchief Raijin are the latest skins. They can be purchased for 400 gems all throughout the "Departure to the Afterlife" patch before going back up to their regular price of 500 gems once the next patch launches. HiRezTina has had her own announcer pack added, No Tact Tina, which applies her signature personality to your kill streaks and in-game events. The announcer pack is the 31,500 Odyssey Point collection reward.

In the Halloween department — although the Izanami and Susano skins are still quite spooky — Trick or Treat Cupid and Grim Reaper Thanatos are available through the Halloween Chest, along with Halloween skins from past years. Also available in the chest, although not skins, are a new Spooky Music Theme and Jack O’Lantern Jump Stamp. The chest can be rolled for 400 gems. Along with the new Halloween-themed content, the Arena map is the Halloween Arena variant. The Spooky Potion has also returned to give your enemies a bit of a fright. Unrelated to any event, newest god Hachiman has received his mastery skins since this is the patch following his addition.

In the balance department, The Crusher, Soul Reaver, Hachiman, Izanami and Raijin have all been buffed. Hide of the Urchin, Armored Cloak (the tier two item that builds into Urchin) and Erlang Shen have been nerfed. Awilix, Ao Kuang and Cu Chulainn have received both positive and negative balance adjustments at the same time. To read through the full patch log, head over to the official site here.

Following last week's PC release, the patch is live now on consoles.

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Kelly Packard
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