Crossout Is Taking Halloween Deadly Serious In Their Latest Update

By Ashley Woodcock,
Gaijin Entertainment has already kicked off the Halloween fun in their free-to-play, post-apocalyptic action MMO, Crossout. A new update has gone live and is full of spooky and scary Halloween goodness. The new update includes an all-new night map "Sector EX", a new PvP game mode — Witch Hunt, and also Hazardous Sweets that can be exchanged for exclusive seasonal vehicle decor.

Halloween Update screens

Sector EX will be the first night map added to the game. Players will be fighting for control over an industrial complex that has been abandoned and can be found in the centre of the map. Defenders can position themselves on multiple floors of the complex in an effort to stop the attackers finding their way through a maze of corridors and driveways on the inside. Darkness will limit the view for players forcing battles to be close range. Even the heavy trucks packing long-range armament will need to get in close to be effective.

The new PvP game mode Witch Hunt will see players trying to attain festive Halloween Pumpalloons and keep them in their possession for as long as they can. Gaijin goes into further detail on the new mode:

All participants are equipped with an identical, unarmed vehicle and can steal the Pumpalloons by ramming the current possessor. Even without conventional weaponry, ‘Witch Hunt’ is anything but peaceful. All vehicles come equipped with six powerful Jet Boosters that provide an explosive burst of speed to ram your opponent when attempting to loosen an opponent's grip on the precious Pumpalloons. There is no reason to hold back - in this mode, respawns with new vehicles are unlimited.
Over the next three weeks, any victories earned in all of the game's PvP modes and completions of daily tasks will earn players an extra reward. These will be the mentioned Hazardous Sweets. Use these to craft Fright Containers and increase your chances at obtaining exclusive decorative items for your vehicles. Players may discover paints, car horns, player avatars, and more. If you're not interested in cosmetics, then you can sell the Sweets instead for profit on the market.

Take a look at these new screens that showcase the night map, new cosmetics, and more:

More scary visuals full of Halloween spirit can be seen in the following trailer as players duke it out in Witch Hunt:

The Halloween update for Crossout is already live and will run until November 9th.

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