Cell Joins the Fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
Nothing in this world is perfect, right? Wrong! Everyone’s favorite lean, mean, green villain Cell plays a vital role in the Dragon Ball Z universe and it seems he might do the same in Dragon Ball FighterZ. That's right — the villain who introduced the properly named Cell Games, and even pushed Teen Gohan to his limits, will be joining the fight in Arc System Works upcoming 2D fighter.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Created by Dr. Gero, Cell is composed of actual cells from Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, King Cold, and Piccolo. Although Cell has multiple versions in the Dragon Ball Z universe, it seems only the perfect form has been announced as of yet. If you’re interested in seeing what this fighter can do, check out the trailer below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release on Xbox One in February 2018.

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